Process: Golden Retro Festival



Initially I was looking at something which was more of a lineart work illustration. This particular header follows the same design as Street Fighter. However, I realized that there were too many inconsistencies in the design and its elements.


So I’ve decided to change to something more consistent which is “pixelated” art and illustration. The solid shapes give the designs a bit more balance and neat appearance.


This was the sketch when I first started the project. However, I didn’t like how everything looks out of place and too many actions are going on.

After this sketch, I decided to go with my memory of arcade games and didn’t manage to sketch much. Guilty as charged. 🙁

Final Artwork: Golden Retro Festival


Golden Retro Festival is an event where people of any age are welcome. The theme of this event is 80s retro arcade games such as Super Mario, Pacman, Tetris, Qbert and much more. This event helps both adults and kids unwind from their work/school life over the weekend. The adults gets a trip down memory lane whereas kids get to discover new games in their life! The event hires vendors who sells amazing food and games. We even have some entertainment prepared for you!

Final Artwork consists of:-

  1. A3 Poster
  2. Staff Pass
  3. Coupons/Receipts
  4. Tote Bag



For the A3 poster, I’ve decided to play along the lines of the starting screen to a video game. As this collateral is an advertisement to gather people’s attention, the concept of a starting screen gives the idea that the target audience are about to enter an exciting game themselves.


I’ve used the background of iconic games for the staff pass. Even without the characters, the games can be distinguishable at a single glance. I also realized how most backgrounds from retro arcade games make up a good pattern illustration.


For the tickets, they will get it alongside with the receipt of purchase. With these coupons, they will have to gather a certain amount to get a free gift from the official event booth. It has a similar concept to collecting tickets from playing video games at the arcade and then redeeming a price once a certain amount is collected.

Each coupon can only be redeemed once (barcode).


I’ve decided to infuse both local slang and retro video games together. The term “lepak” means to slack. In another, people come to this festival to relax, destress and enjoy themselves. This is one of the redeemable merchandise customer can get at the official booth.


All in all, I’ve really enjoyed designing for this assignment as it is something way out of my comfort zone. Being someone who plays arcade games a lot when I was younger, doing this project definitely brought me down in memory lane. If given a longer duration, I might even come up with more merchandise designs!