Forrest Gump – Final Outcome


These are the 4 final compositions that I have chosen to present for my Forrest Gump Project. The quotes are taken from 3 different movies, with 2 being from the same movie but of different series.


Quote 1: “Do you understand the words that are coming out from my mouth?” – Detective James Carter, Rush Hour


For this quote, I’ve decided to focus more on the part that Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) has made himself look like a fool as he thought Detective Lee (Jackie Chan) who was from China couldn’t speak English and was trying hard to enunciate each word to him so that he could understand. Initially, I’ve used the idea and relation to old cartoons such as Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry to show the “jackass” side to James Carter. As James Carter was fooled and sounded stupid.–tom-and-jerry-jerry-oconnell.jpg

I’ve came up with the piece below. The fingers stuffed in his ear was to represent that James Carter didn’t listen to Detective Lee when he was trying explain himself. The man in my composition can be seen wearing an NYPD uniform as it was James Carter’s jobscope. Donkey ears were given to my character to give him a “jackass” vibe. As for the background, I’ve added in a Chinese-like design to show the link between James Carter and Detective Lee who was a Chinese.

However, upon consultation with my lecturer, Mimi, she commented about how it was too “deep” and hard to guess as I went in too deep into the quote. It would be hard for those who didn’t watch the movie, to guess. She too commented how I could use the lips or tongue to show the talking shown in the scene.

This was my final piece for the quote chosen from Rush Hour. I’ve used a tongue/mouth and placed it in the middle to show the main action of “talking” between 2 person. I’ve also used signboards in different language (particularly from Asia) as to show how James Carter had the stereotype that Asians could not understand basic English. Some of the language inserted are from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India etc.

Lastly, I’ve also added in a very popular meme from the internet which was the Jackie Chan meme. This expression of him would clearly show his exact reaction when James Carter was doubting Detective Lee and made fun of him and his language in front of his face.


Quote 2: “Muscle up, Buttercup”- Maui, Moana


I love the movie “Moana“. It’s one of those Disney movies whereby the main character doesn’t fall in love with someone to complete their tasks/missions. Moana was an independent girl who sailed through the vast ocean to find Maui, god of the wind and sea, hero of men. The movie Moana was based on the Polynesian culture.

I’ve searched for Polynesian tribal tattoos as to add a vibe of “Moana” to the composition. As the quote includes the word “Buttercup”, I’ve decided to research on what it actually means. Referencing to my research on urban dictionaries and also to the cartoon character from Powerpuff Girls, the name given was actually to show a girl who has a cute image but has an attitude of a rough and tough person. The barbell was added to show that the young girl in my composition was cute but at the same time, tough and strong. She’s in a flying stance to show that lifting up the barbell was nothing for her. I’ve added literal buttercup flowers around the Polynesian borders to add a contrast of “girlish” but “tough” final composition.

I’m happy that this composition got accepted on its first consultation.

I’ve used this final composition to print on my totebag. I loveeee Moana so I felt like this image was suitable to be printed AND used instead of it been thrown aside after this project was done. Mimi said that I could’ve improved on the back of the girl as it looks rather washed out and was hard to make out that it was a little girl as her back was gone.


Quote 3: “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon, doesn’t mean we all have” – Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix



For this particular piece, I was wrong and assumed the true meaning of the quote wrongly. What I thought the quote meant was how Ron’s emotions shouldn’t affect those around him despite it being as tiny and little as a teaspoon worth. What the quote actually meant was that Ron was almost heartless and couldn’t careless as his emotional range is that of a teaspoon. Very little emotions comes from Ron as compared to others around him.

For this piece, I admit that I could’ve done much more better if I understand the quote completely. But I’ll just explain my final composition anyways. Heh.

For this particular piece, I added in a Harry Potter themed border as to give a Harry Potter vibe. Based on my wrong interpretation, I’ve placed a group of people (which was used to present Harry Potter and friends) under an umbrella and they are shielded from the pouring of the salt/sugar from the top which initially, was suppose to present Ron’s emotional range. I was trying to show that Ron’s emotional range could never affect those around him, even if it were to be a teaspoon worth.

Mimi has also given a comment that this composition was a tad too direct and literal. She suggested that I find out the true meaning of the quote and improve from there.

I really need to be better at this. *deep sigh*

Quote 4: You’re a little scary sometimes… Brilliant, but scary” – Ron, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

From the quote given, I focused on each words to show the literal meaning of it but at the same time, to not let it be too direct. I used a skull to represent the word “scary” as it’s quite obvious. Well, a skull is scary… at least to me. However, I’ve decided to add in a tinge of “brilliance” which can be linked to the word “smart” or “knowledgeable”. Thus, I’ve added in a brain to represent that even if the skull is scary, it still had some brilliance left in that brain of his. Spectacles and bowtie are added to give a feel of “nerdy” as that was what and how Hermione was portrayed as throughout the whole series of Harry Potter. In the background, I’ve added in 2 wands which belongs to both Ron and Hermione. This was to represent that the conversation was between the both of them. A cross-bow was formed with the wands as to show the scariness of it as it’s mostly linked to a “death” image.

I was proud of this composition as it’s quite direct and easy to be understood. I would’ve printed this on my tote bag instead of Moana. However, I did not find it appropriate due to the image of the skull. Heh.


Lecturer’s comment:

The halftone effect doesn’t seem to sit well.”

Peers’ comment:

“Good interpretation of quote. Nice composition and layout.”

“The elements used to compose your image suits your quote very well.”

“I think that this is really funny and effective.”

“Very direct but very easy to get.”

“Jackie Chan’s face is attractive.”

“The subtle sear on the skull is brilliant. Good job!”


I feel that I could’ve done a lot better in this assignment. This technique of compositing is quite new to me as I’ve used Photoshop mostly for digital drawing but never for image compositing. I feel with continuous practice, I can make my work stand out more and not be too simple in the future. I want something that I’ve created to have an impact on the audience. I really hope I can improve.


3D Project: From Useless to Abstract (FINAL)



Final Product – Golf Structure

I was given a choice to pick between 2 objects. One useful, another worthless.

Useful: Honey Beeswax Lip Balm (I use it everyday without fail)

Worthless: Expired Golf Proficiency Certificate

I’ve decided to use the “worthless” object to show that I can make something useful out of something worthless. My main object is the golf proficiency certificate. So, I’ve decided to focus more on the use of Golf.

Golf is a sport that represents calmness. You need to concentrate and be calm when you play this sport. Research shows that the color green presents calmness. Hence, the greenery in my artwork represents the calmness. When you’re playing on the green, you’re surrounded by almost everything nature-related. Hence, I’ve decided to focus on the materials of nature such as wood and grass to represent my artwork.

Moving on to the balancing beam, the 2 balls hung on the balance beam represents balance. I made sure both of the balls are filled with the same amount of sand to balance it well. The balancing beam is placed on a rotating platform and spun around to show the swing effect. Both of these techniques are very essential in a game of golf. The part that supports the balancing beam to the ground, that represents the feet. It shows how important that part is as the placement of the foot is very crucial. If not placed properly, the entire artwork will collapse.

I’ve enjoyed doing this project as I had a chance to bring out my craftsmanship and apply it well to my product. Overall, I am very satisfied with my final artwork.

And spinning the balancing beam around can be quite addicting. 

3D Final Project: Useless object to Abstract Art


Square-lash to bind the poles together

Fake grass to fill in the base

Wooden ball with hole

Using a saw to saw the thicker wooden sticks

Ball bearing from fidget spinner fitted between to wooden piece

Christmas ball decoration repainted to look like wood

Christmas decoration ball filled with sand to give weight

The process is quite tedious but I’m very satisfied with outcome.

Beginning: I placed a toilet roll in the middle of the base and secured it with tape. Afterwards, I stuffed the base with fake grass to add a wee bit of greenery. I filled the Christmas decoration ball with sands to add weight to it. After that, I sealed the top with hot glue so that none of the sand comes out.

Middle: I used square lash method with cotton twines to tie all the wooden sticks together and tried to reduce the usage of hot glue. Afterwards, I hollowed out a Styrofoam ball and placed the wooden ball in the middle. I glued in the satay stick.

Ending: I dismantled the fidget spinner to retrieve the ball bearing. I glued the ball bearing in between 2 wooden piece so that it could rotate for the “spinning” part of the product. I added in the Christmas decoration I did earlier on an made a balancing beam. I assembled all the different parts together to get the end product.

Problem: After assembling all the products, the weight was too heavy on the balancing beam and it kept collapsing. Thus, I came up with a supporting stand and attached it to the balancing beam to the base of the whole product. This helps the balancing of the weight and does not collapse that much.

Project 3- Sequential Thinking (90 images)


We were tasked to create a short stop-motion with the use of 90 images, beginning and ending with an image of us sleeping. We were also required to make 3 different major changes in between our sleeping shots. For my artwork, I’ve decided to use the power of teleportation and teleport to different places in a jiffy.

“When you’re late, all you have to do is teleport.”

I need this in real life tho. I’m always late. Urgh. 


Art Science Museum Visit


When I first saw this work, it was pretty much straight forward. A cradle being rocked by a robotic hand in different rhythms. Without reading the text, I knew what this artwork is about. It shows how busy a mother can be that she could not even rock her own baby to sleep. From the artwork, it shows how even a role of a mother, someone who we close so dearly to our lives, can be replaced by robot.

Upon reading more of the text given, what I have guessed were mostly true. Since mothers in the 21st century are more advanced and highly-qualified for a full-time job, can they still balance their tasks as a mother? The artist was questioning whether robots can affect the development of a baby’s growth by taking over the most sacred job in the world; being a mother.


When I saw this artwork from far, it looked like a normal cute but semi-realistic baby put in glass cases. Upon closer inspection, I’ve realized that there were deficiencies on the baby and they were not normal at all. Some of them had holes in their head while some of them had gills (as shown in the picture above). This is highly disturbing to me and I was pretty confused about what it was. My initial thought was about us humans relying too much on robots that it has somehow spread around as a “virus” and affects (or mutated) the birthing of our children.


However, upon reading the text, the artist’s intention was to question whether we should have modifications on babies who were born with a deficiency and how they should perform surgical procedures in order to allow the babies to fit into society once they are older. They were planning to have an operation and modification done so that they won’t have any problems or disabilities when growing up in the future.

Image, Sound and Memory: A Day Before University.


In this artwork, I’ve decided to use the memory of when it was the final day of holidays and the start to a new journey.

I didn’t spend much time having fancy celebrations to start off a new chapter in my life. I’ve decided to make it simple and be grateful for the little things that I will miss when the hectic life of university begins.