Project 1: My World


The cyborgs from Xander 424 Island are at it again. Their continuous shootings always disrupt my peaceful mind and never fail to give me a throbbing headache. Sounds of laser beams can be heard from far. I covered my fluffy ears with my hands. Why can’t they just get along with each other? Take us for example. The people of Rainbowtopia. We are the most peaceful creatures to ever exist. We spread nothing but love through hugs and rainbows. Hah, pathetic machines. Wait, what’s that hidden in the bushes? The object is glowing from afar and it’s blinding me. Maybe I should get a closer look. Oh, it’s pretty shiny? It looks like some sort of weapon or machine. Maybe if I can just touch it a little bit…


(Image will be added later. Hek.)