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Letter – Thinking With Type

After having an in-depth look into the anatomy of type, I have a better idea of what to look out for when analysing a certain font, and the criteria to set when selecting fonts for a piece of design. Additionally, the reading helped to clear some of the doubts I had about typography terms. For some reason, I kept thinking typefaces and fonts were the same thing, but now I have a clearer idea of the two and I most likely would be able to tell them apart in future! Most likely.

  • Typeface: The design of the letterforms / (Digital) The visual design
  • Font: Delivery mechanism / (Digital) The software that allows you to install, access, and output the design

Overall, as a beginner in typography, and it being one of my weaker elements of design, the reading allowed me to have a clearer view on how to integrate typefaces into the design pieces (and at the same time, making them visually appealing and complementary to the other visual elements). It also helped me in familiarising important terms, as well as what to refrain from doing in future!

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