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– E G O – ˈiːɡəʊ,ˈɛːɡəʊ/ The metaphysical part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious. An amalgamation of egos developed under different circumstances defines an individual’s personality and gives them a characteristic identity. In psychology, the human psyche is divided into 3 parts, the id, ego, and superego. The id is what defines the choice of… Read more →

Entry #02: Making an imPRINT on this planet.

|| F O R R E S T G U M P || Shortly after making marks, I’m making prints!! For Project 2: “Forrest Gump”, I have to pick movie quotes, translate them into abstract visual language like symbols, pictograms, dingbats, icons and engravings and apply techniques such as hyperbole, metaphor, caricature, parody, anthropomorphism etc. to express the narrative quality of the… Read more →

Entry #01: The Disappearance of Moonling

Composition techniques: Rule of thirds Leading lines Strong diagonals Point of view Framing Simplify Depth of field Strong foreground Fill frame Active space   My attempt for class activity:   || Strong diagonals, active space ||   Project 1 research:   If I suddenly disappeared while doing my everyday chores, what would the world look like without me in that… Read more →

Entry #01: Leaving a MARK on this planet.

||MARK-MAKING|| The Essence of Mark-Making Mark-making is the process by which lines, dots, marks, textures, smears, scribbles, drips, scratches and patterns put down using different tools (almost anything in this universe can be used) onto a surface of any texture or material to abstractly express emotive qualities, capture moments of life or simply to create an aesthetic form to be engaged… Read more →

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