3D – Project 2 – Study Model


Firstly, I went to Art friend to buy the aluminium sheet and cut out some shapes for my study model. I also went online to research on how and what the process of making the metal corrode. It started off with pouring some vinegar, bleach and salt on a container and soak the metal tins in it. The whole process will take days depending on how much or the detail you want to achieve. For me I’m making from a series and the process of corrosion (new to old).


Above picture is an example of the process of soaking the metal tin into different kinds of liquid/chemical that I pre-mixed. The chemical has an very strong odour that I don’t really recommend to do it in the indoor place but I really enjoyed the process of making them and having fun experimenting them.

Study Model

After consultation, there are quite a few things to improve on, firstly is that the corrosion needs to be more obvious because the gradients of corrosion has to be stands out with more detail. I will continue to work on the process of corrosion and explore more chemicals. My professor told me to add in some colour dye or soak them into it which hopefully the metal will start to absorb the dye in. My friend also recommended me to put in some paper clips that is made in copper and to mix them with the chemical which hopefully gives a rusty kind of look on the metal tin.

Another things to improve on is the base, I will use transparent acrylic and some tubes to create the base so the metal will stands out more instead of using black cardboard.

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