Micro-Project 03: Tele-drift

Posted by Ho Si Hui on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

about the project

To create a 5 minute collaborative performance on Facebook Live, where two people attempt to create a third body using the split screen.


To drift paper boats from one screen to the other seamlessly, despite being in far apart locations. As the paper boat passes through the split screen, the passengers on the boat transform from human to animal paper cut-outs, something that’s only possible on third space.


Niki and I stood on far ends of the ADM pond. We each held an identical paper boat and floated them on the water one after the other. We timed and framed the shot in such a way where we tried to make it look like one single boat floating through the split screen.

challenges + reflections

It took around 10 tries or more to create a (near) seamless performance. It was hard to control the direction that the boat was floating as the wind has a mind of its own. It was also hard to match the distance between the camera and the water, so that the boats would appear the same size in both screens. The wifi connection was very weak so Niki’s screen was often blurry and laggy. But we still had fun.


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