Scavenger Photo Hunt

Class Activity 1: In which we walk around NTU to take photos that we feel express or communicate certain thoughts we have regarding the given titles.

  1. Something that is not “NTU” at all
    Having interacted with the people of NTU so far, as well as the facilities, I’ve concluded that NTU is not “waste” at all.
  2. Someone not studying in NTU
    This is a straight forward image of a person not studying in NTU for the simple fact that he is not with us. RIP. However, I find it interesting how his words are immortalised to inspire those who are studying here.
  3. Someone studying in NTU
    Not in the commonly used sense of the word, though still very literal, this woman is studying the nuts and taking stock.
  4. Useless image you see
    This image features a sign that says “Do not walk along the road” as well as my subject’s clear disregard for the sign; myself included. I find this humorous and ironic.
  5. Useful image you see
    Deals, being a huge part of Singapore Culture, makes this image all the more relevant its usefulness.
  6. Nature
    The communication and interaction between two people is a intrinsic aspect of human.
  7. Urban Nature
    Making use of nature as inspiration, the design of this building is made to look like the canopy of a forest.
  8. Urban
    It is ironic that the phones are used for communication but as a result, ruins live interaction and communication. This is a stark contrast from nature.
  9. Singapore
    National Service and Singapore (to me) are synonymous. Everything we did, we did for the country. Through the pains and struggle, we form bonds and become family.
  10. A place where art is shown
    Quite literally, this is a stage where art is performed in various mediums.
  11. A place where art is made
    My attempt at being clever by saying that art is made in my mind.
  12. A photograph with a faculty
    Taken from just opposite Faculty Avenue, this avenue of its own runs along a row of houses where several faculty of NTU stay.
  13. What the Earth Observatory of Singapore may be about
    EOS is about the researching of climate change, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis – represented by the ongoing construction, colours and strong shadows caused by sunlight.

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