My chosen season is Autumn.

Actually I was hoping for Spring as I like when the flowers are blooming and the colour pink too. 

So I start by  researching about Autumn (mostly in Japan, because of Ikebana). There are a few things that interest me:

  • When the leaves are falling – it gives a slow and graceful movement to it
  • Halloween – something that I always wanted to try it (although I am scary cat)
  • Scattering of autumn leaves – like the use of colours.
Mindmap of Autumn

At first I wanted to do on the movement of falling leaves, but I could not visualise how it will look with ikebana. Hence I decided to move on with Halloween.

Halloween Moodboard

So for my Halloween concept, I wanted it to be targeted to children! So it will be something like ‘trick and treat’ where the vase will be filled with candies. I also intended to use lighting to show the spookiness of Halloween. There will be no leaves on the branches, and I might want to make the branch black.

My next post will be on the development of Halloween and Ikebana together.

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