Sound Arts: Interesting Finds



Christine Sun Kim – Game of Skill 2.0

Christine Sun Kim was born deaf. She created the Game of Skill 2.0 to show the audience how much effort is needed to do a simple everyday job such as listening.  Audience are to interact with the showcase by moving in the line provided by Christine. As they move along the lines, the handheld device will start to emit sounds (narrative written by Christine, read by an intern at the museum). The sounds will be emitted based on the way they hold the device and also the speed and direction that they are moving.  This is known as “scrubbing”.

I feel that this piece was made to create awareness to the audience. We sometimes take advantage of our 5 daily senses and are never thankful only until it’s gone. This interactive display is good for educational purpose too as it teaches children and even adults to always be grateful for being able to do everyday tasks with ease.

Great Animal Orchestra – Bernie Krause

Bernie Krause has recorded the sound of thousands of animals in nature and place them in a recording. It was a music from nature as Bernie aims to raise awareness of animal extinction on our planet. Most of the sounds he recorded were of animals that is on the verge of extinction. He indicated how most audience would find it boring to just listen to the sounds of nature which is why he added in visuals to make it more interesting. He included different sound wavelength to indicate different animals. Animals who has a higher pitch will be placed on top and more waves would appear where as animals with a lower pitch will be placed at the bottom and lesser wavelengths will appear.

I find this piece very interesting as it shows the importance of listening and how it is better if both our visuals and hearing can be combined together to create a better display and interaction.