Project 1: My Line is Emo (FINAL OUTCOME)


Presentation is finally over. Honestly, I was very nervous about my presentation but I just had to get it over and done with. I will be explaining the emotions for each strip. What it means, why do I see it like that and what medium I’ve used.

My Project 1 mark-making was based on a semi-true story about my life. Well, love life basically. A disclaimer before I start, I won’t tell you which part is true and which part is false. Heh. Okay, moving on.

First strip: Sadness

As you look at the mark-making on the first strip, it shows a splatter of diluted ink which focus mostly on the left hand side with a few intense blobs. This represents the sadness I feel when I’m lonely. Which explains the diluted ink. The ink is sprayed using a spraying bottle onto a drawing block which is pure white in colour. This shows that I am a happy person. People have always seen me as someone who’s very cheerful and forever laughing. But they don’t see the splatters of paint (like I’ve been shot by a paint gun) I get on myself whenever I walk past happy couples. I felt sadness as I’ve been in and out of relationships and it’s been a long time since I last felt real love.

Second strip: Love

The second strips shows wavy, curly lines. This was the part when I met someone on my social media. I’ve never met him before but I’ve seen the way he texts and communicates. His sweet words and rhythm are that of the lines shown in the second strips. They were smooth, sweet and they swept me off my feet like how when you watch cartoons and they smell something delicious, smell lines appear and they’ll float towards the source of smell. I fell for his sweet talks and melody.

Oh, what have I gotten myself into?

Third strip: Joy

The third strip represents joy. I used a black paper with white paint on it. The black paper represents me, my inner self. After being alone and surrounded by couples almost everywhere, I felt gloomy inside. I wasn’t truly happy then. I wanted someone to guide me, to love me and take care of me. That is where the 2 ray of lights come in. The ray of light on the right represents him. Where as the smaller one on the left represents me. It’s like he lightens up my life. Quote One Direction “Baby you light up my world like nobody else”. I was truly happy then as someone has finally loved me…

Or so I thought.

Fourth strip: Frustration

The fourth strip, again is done on black paper. Different from the previous black strip, this strip represents anger. It represents frustration. I found out that the guy I was dating was, simple to say, a flirt. I also found out that he has been commenting on girls’ photographs on instagram with sweet words and also heart-eyed emojis or heart shapes. And he thought I was stupid. I’ve been questioning him over and over again about his actions. Which is represented by the white circles and blobs. I kept asking him the same questions over and over again. Which can also be represented by the repetition in shapes. But it all fell on death ear. He ignored me and tried to change the topic whenever I tried to settle things out with him. It’s like all my words fell into a black hole.

I had enough.

Fifth strip: Surprise

The fifth strip was done on newsprint paper. The marks on the strip was done using rubber bands. I dipped the rubber bands in diluted ink, pulled hard and released it against the paper. This shows a painful kind of surprise. I was surprised as to why I was still with him despite the continuous act of cheating he has done. The different orientation of the marks shows the different kind of cheating he does every week, every day. I used a rubber band as it shows pain. Imagine if someone shoots a rubber band at you. You’ll have a sense of surprise but at the same time, your arm hurts when the rubber band comes in contact with you.

Sixth strip: Fear

Now this is the final strip. Where everything comes to an end and I broke my connections with him. I finally had the guts to leave him. What’s the point of being with someone when all you received from them was pain? But at the same time, I was afraid. I was suppose to be used to these kind of things. Being left and cheated on (this wasn’t the first time that someone has cheated on me). Just as I thought I was suppose to get used to it, it stretches on and leaves a mark, never fading. Everytime someone cheated on me, it leaves a permanent mark that stays with me forever. Which will slowly fade to an all-black.

And that concludes my presentation for my Project 1: My Line is Emo.

Some of the feedbacks given by Mimi was that I had to use tools which has meanings in my story. So that it’ll give more impact. As for the mark-making wise, she said that my work has improved from the previous consultation. It’s just that I need to bring out the emotions more into the mark-making process so that it doesn’t seem to minimalistic or simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.