Act I | The Awakening (Bubbling Unhappiness)

Screenshot of [Act I | The Awakening (Bubbling Unhappiness)]
After the initial broadcast of Act I, Prof Randall and Sun Yi suggested that I include switching of tabs within the computer screen, rather than leaving it static only with the Facebook page. I agreed, as it would add variation and further fuel the narration that Tania Tay of the second space is fighting a stronger, more ominous greater power.

HereĀ is the re-filming: Click here


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One thought on “Act I | The Awakening (Bubbling Unhappiness)”

  1. Absolutely stunning. I real narrative desktop journey into your virtual world. I like very much the recurring plunges into video feedback when you show your Facebook interface. I like the navigation between social media, writing text, Photoshop, etc. I am wondering how these explorations might comment on the crisis of your character, swimming in the third space trying to make some sense of that reality? But it’s a fascinating journey that draws the viewer into your virtual world. Very exciting! I would like to see you take this idea even further, perhaps in your FYP?

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