ILLUS | varoom illustration process

The topic I’ve chosen for this assignment is Obsession with coffee.

As a caffeine junkie, I’M SUPER OBSESSED WITH COFFEE. I practically can’t live without coffee and I need it to survive!!! And I’m very sure that there are people whom are like me amongst us, whom are obsessed with coffee and the wonders they give us.

Target audience persona

My target audience are mainly adults aged 20s – 30, whom just graduated from University, or started working in the design and media field for a while.

16 thumbnails

The 16 thumbnails I had are very rough sketches and layout of how I wanted the final composition to be. I sketched a few designs of how much coffee people drink, how they look before / after drinking coffee (bulging tired eyes, a little crazed). I also had an idea of a coffee crackhouse, with drugs, syringes and coffee bags, in replacement of blood bags.

I narrowed down to working with a coffee crackhouse theme and started my pencil compositions.

I feel that amongst the 4 compositions done, the last 2 were easier to depict and had better layout and compositions. Following that, I placed the Varoom template on top of the composition, in order to not touch on areas which will not be seen very easily.

Composition wise, I think that this layout will be better to work with for the template.

Next, I started working on my digital composition!

Read here for my research!
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