Egoism – Ideation

This project is the one that I dread the most because I have huge difficulty working with colours. I just don’t feel that strongly for the effects of colours when I am using them. I can recognise good use of colours some times, but most times I just don’t feel that strongly for that one type of red over the other type of red. Woe is me.

For this project, my main objective is to be able to create harmonious compositions in terms of use of colours.

I will be using illustrator because that is the only medium I know where you can cmd+z.

To start off, I based all depictions of characters off my instagram name: Highsock. (A name that people in G2 have come to associate me with)

Credits to Adithi

From there, I did mindmap of potential ideas; some more dark than others.



After this, I decided on my final four equations.

  1. Me in Primary School
  2. Me having Xmas with the family
  3. Me in love
  4. Me in Sesame Street

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