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Zantheus is a boy who comes from a well-to-do family, but his parents are often absent, either away on business trips or returning late at night to leaving early the next morning. Neglected, Zantheus hates being in the empty house that only serves to remind him of his loneliness. He finds comfort in his “friends” and keeps up with his tough frontier to fit in but deep down, he is unsure of what he really wants. Anything, but his loneliness, he’ll do it. He wants to be in, to belong somewhere.

One day, he is tasked to ruin someone’s life as revenge for his “friends”. Their target, Scarlet. Accepting the challenge, he initiates an conversation with her online. As he learn more about her pitiful past, he unexpectedly finds himself sharing about his as well. They sympathize and confide in each other. As their virtual relationship grows closer, Scarlet decides to try and solve his problems by searching and calling his mother’s office, hoping to enlighten his parents of his predicament that they are unaware of. Zantheus faces some slight hesitation about hurting her as he felt that she cares and listens to his woes more than others ever did.

They decide to meet for the first time.

Scarlet is infatuated and falls under his charm. That night, while he is sending her home, the sudden rain drenches them. Zantheus is extremely restless as he ponders over his agenda and is aroused at how alluring she looked with the bits of drench clothing that clung onto her body. He leads her to a dark alley.

He lunges at her. She struggles, begging repeatedly for him to stop. He doesn’t. She gives up struggling. Realising her lack of movement, he is confused and finds himself stopping just before tearing her clothes. So close to his goal, he hesitates because he realizes he is making her relive her ugly past in the worst way. He fights a dilemma between his conscience and pleasing his bunch of “friends”. He decides to give up on the task. Fortunately, Scarlet’s neighbor on the way home hears the noise and comes to check before escorting her home. Zantheus is long gone.

Zantheus is enlightened to whom his true friend is when he thinks back. He is horrified at the person he has turned into just to please others and decides to sever ties with his “friends”. Nightmares sourcing from his guilt and regret from all the past deeds that he had done for his friends gives him trouble sleeping. He apologizes to Scarlet by text to try to make things better.

He awakes the next day to someone brushing his hair. He thinks it was Scarlet but realized it is his mother, who was back from her business trip. This time for good after hearing from Scarlet a few days back. His father has also taken a day off. His mother hands Zantheus his phone before leaving to join his father in setting up for breakfast. Beneath the numerous miss calls and texts from his old “friends” is a text from Scarlet. He deletes everything except for Scarlet’s. As his parents calls for him to join in on their first breakfast together, he knows this is the fresh start he needs.

Based on: The Little Red Riding Hood


  1. I can find relation between your plot and Little Red Riding Hood in terms of character – like Zantheus as wolf and Scarlet as Little Red Riding Hood. However, I find your poster a little bit off the plot. It may be better if it’s a close-up shot of Zantheus showing an expression of dilemma? Or maybe Zantheus with an intense-depressed look with scarlet’s face or shadow behind him? 🙂

  2. I think it’s a good attempt at telling a story of someone who’s broken but eventually regains hope in their life. It is a considerably interesting interpretation of The Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s perspective. Even though the wolf started out to be misguided, he managed to develop as a character. That does help in allowing people to sympathise for villain characters as they may have their own difficulties too. Seeing that the ending is kinda open(?), I personally interpret it as the main character not ending up with Scarlet since it was most probably a scarring incident for her to have someone violated her trust. The logline and poster could have probably been made clearer in connection to the story. 🙂

  3. Overall i like the story as it can be like relate to people’s life. Like people will turn to someone you do not know anymore to get what they want. But perhaps could add more elements of the story into the poster! 🙂

  4. I like how you reinterprets the ‘wolf’ character in your story based on the little red riding hood. Just like anyone, the villian (Zantheus) also has his own emotions and softer side which suggest that even villains have a softer side within them, it’s just that during certain circumstances, they might be subconsciously blinded by the situation ahead of them and attempt to do something bad out of temptation.

  5. Hey Siew Hua!

    Great take on red riding hood in the perspective of the wolf! In the original story the wolf tries to all out trick red riding hood into thinking that he was the grandma to eat her, but in your story Zantheus seem to have somewhat ended his intention of tricking Scarlet immediately when he feels that they are able to relate to each other, I feel this could have been prolonged and developed a little more to show the “dark” side of the main character.

    When you say “he realizes he is making her relive her ugly past in the worst way”, does that mean that he was raped before and was what you meant by “he learn more about her pitiful past”? This could be made clearer, but if that was really the case then woah, Zantheus is really a douche to act out what he did even when he knew what she have gone through.

    Interesting story, and the open endedness of it also allows the viewer to dive in to their imagination in what happens next. Well for me, I just hope Scarlet doesn’t start a relationship with him, a leapard doesn’t change it’s spots! Good job! 🙂

  6. A story told in the perspective of the villain is always more interesting! Good choice there. Hmm the poster does not effectively communicate what the story is trying to tell me though, but the monochrome effect did help subtly 🙂

  7. I really like how your story showed the internal struggle within Zantheus detailedly, it makes us feel, pity and relate to his problems even though he might have done a horrible act like rape. I like how you incorporated this moral lesson in the end, it was very powerful. We can really feel the character’s journey as a person.

    However, I feel that perhaps Scarlet could be expanded a little? Like why is she their target of revenge and maybe a little of her emotions right after the incident. So that maybe us audience can have more fun guessing regarding what happens in the end, since we know how perhaps e.g. she was super traumatised or screams at him that she will never trust him etc, it might make the apology really a defining moment. Regarding Zantheus, I don’t think texting might be the best way to apologize to someone you just almost raped. Maybe it could be a little more dramatic in his apology like he tried to call her many times prior etc.

    For me personally, I would assume she would not buy the apology, want to avoid him and no longer trust him. That part is left to be open ended so I like how you did that. I really do like your story, it is indeed very believable since we can relate to the troubled teen. Great job 🙂

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