UX Final Project Proposals

Task: Start to work on final project proposals – prepare three ideas for a screen-based experience that you’d like to create (it can be speculative). Illustrate your ideas and post them on OSS. The ideas can be based on any of the field trips done so far or can be something completely new.

“Rethinking our everyday environment / Empty spaces / Overlooked / Narratives”

Possible locations:

MRT transiting zones (empty but busy places where many passes by without a second look)

Void Decks / Corridors (empty places but where many hangout)

Idea I : Stories / Culture

  • Objective : A platform where people can share and/or listen to the hidden stories of others and themselves.


Hidden Stories by Red Paper Heart

Scapes by Halsey Burgund

Living Library by  design I/O (immersive experience for storybooks)

The idea here is to allow people to share their own experiences and/or listen to what others have to say about certain common things found in that place or maybe different topics as indicated by the illustrations. I feel that there is always special attraction in the narratives and one can never gets sick of listening to them. They are also constantly evolving based on what we experience/see/hear/etc and thats where I think many of us miss out on what others may have experienced. I was also thinking that the playback of recordings are random so the chances of people listening to same story is lower. Possibly, background music that aids in conveying the mood? In Singapore, we’re so often thought as the culture-less country and we don’t know how to express ourselves but I think that is not true, we have but it just gets covered, buried, hidden and lost along the way as we progress so quickly. It is so often that many individuals have the misconceptions that they are the only one experiencing this “weird” thing/action/etc. but who knows someone might have similar experiences as you!


Possible executions :

Touch screen

Sound recorder and player

Idea II : Slowing Down / Emotions / Traces

  • Objective : To provide a more immersive and informative way of telling people about what is currently happening in Singapore – festivals/traditions/etc.


Interactive Animations Retail Design by Dalziel & Pow

Remember by Red Paper Heart

The idea for this is because many people are so busy that they often are unaware or do not know what is happening is Singapore (eg. festivals, events, etc) so I thought what not create something that will slow down the pace of life for a moment through a immersive informative experience?

Instead of the wordy explanations or advert types of experience which causes many to skip/overlook it, why not through animations and something ‘alive’?

Possible executions :

Tracking – Eyes / Faces / Body

Body Motion

Concentration intensity which affects how lively the festival or event is

Touch screen that adds more life


  • Objective : To give people some inspirations for everyday.


The Good Deed Machine by Red Paper Heart

The idea for this is because Singaporeans are often thought to be cold/dull/minds-own-biz but in actual fact most of us aren’t! Hence, this interface allows for one to receive simple do-able inspirations upon touch. Additionally, I thought also maybe quotes too? To help one who is feeling whichever emotion to feel better & be more inspired.

Possible executions :

Touch screen

Choices to do sth for someone or for yourself

Detector that can gauge one’s current emotion and advise according


  • Objective : Integrating art into everyday life with people’s traces.


Studio Play by  design I/O

Flowers And People, Cannot Be Controlled But Live Together by TeamLab

This idea is simply just collecting the lingering traces of whoever passes by/ stays at that place for long and displaying it with paint strokes/splatters or other possible art. Paint strokes could vary with speed/weight/etc.

Possible executions :


Idea III :  Environment / Inclusiveness 

  • Objective : Bringing people closer to their environment in a fun and playful way.


Connected Worlds & Night Bright by design I/O – the environment that grows/changes

Story Of The Time When Gods Were Everywhere by TeamLab – possible interactions?

Google Androidify by  Red Paper Heart – possible interactions?

Puppet Parade by design I/O

The idea for this came about because their is a lot of potential in the relationship we have with our environments. One thought I had that why Singaporeans are always rushing from one place to another and overlooking the places they are at, could it be that because of the empty and dull/boring looking walls and that they do not have much attachments to it? Was it because there is nothing there for them that attracts them to slow down or feel the urge to “take care” of it.

Hence, I thought why not recreate this spaces with something that attracts them plus helps in developing a sense of belonging/attachment for it? What if there was an environment (real/dream?) that changes together with time (day..night) and grows or dies with the actions of people.

Possible executions :

Touch screen

Timezone detector?

Memory that remembers previous users actions and adding on present that carry on into the future

Featured Image from here.

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