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When you complete the Facebook Live video, be sure to post it to your timeline, embed it in an OSS post, and write a short description about the overall experience. What was it like to share your personal desktop space? Did you receive any reaction in Facebook? You might want to consider broadcasting your Facebook page so you can rebroadcast the chat interaction and your own image.

First of all, I struggled with the software and interface since its something brand new to me hence I guess I don’t really know how to utilise the various functions to its full potential so my video its pretty simple and basic? It felt kinda weird to be sharing my personal desktop space out online since most of the time personal desktop space means literally personal desktop space. This is also another aspect completely new to me and I had literally no idea what to broadcast about. Hence, since Randall mentioned in the previous class to try and keep it as close to reality as possible, thats what i did. I just browsed around the web, listening/watching videos, doing assignments at times but basically just switching around most of the time. It didn’t feel like an invasion of privacy since I was just going about doing my usual business, nothing special. I really liked the colour change element and played around with it a lot to create a more interesting visual overlaying the daily and mundane. After the broadcast, I didn’t know why some sounds weren’t playing so there were only atmospheric sounds from my house.

Overall, it was much more “easy” and “comfortable” to execute as compared to the previous broadcast since there was already a structure and content that one would broadcast. Also, it was less pressuring/intimidating since it was really just basically about what you do in real life on the desktop, which i guess in a way is what most others usually do as well. Hence, in a way all our recordings, some with similar content, some with much different, seem to all gel up as one but depicted through our own styles and characteristics.


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  1. You did a very nice piece with your first attempt at using OBS to broadcast from the desktop. This was just practice so don’t worry if you are still learning the software. It will only get better! Also, be sure your links are active even if they don’t embed the way we expect.

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