Journal: Nature and Flow

IMAG4017IMAG4022IMAG4127 I’m not sure why I ended up using watercolor.. I mean, if I have more time I’m sure I’ll try other paints too… (I really wanted to try impasto!)

For “exhausted”, I actually like what I (accidentally) did in my journal (center picture, right) the most, but it was an accident and I was unable to duplicate the effects again despite multiple attempts! D:

I guess the drips of paint are somewhat inspired by Jackson Pollock, although admittedly it doesn’t contain the “energy” in his works.

To be honest I don’t like Pollock’s work a lot.. but from this assignment I’m starting to see why he is so famous…inspiring? Perhaps it seems intuitive now that splashes of paint in itself could convey emotions, but I’m guessing it wasn’t common until he came along and did what he did…


More fluid mediums: Nail polish!

Semi inspired by paper marbling technique, but also I have seen people do marbling with nail polish online…

But more surprises, my nail polish doesn’t work like that! x”D The effects are not bad though.

I tried adding feathers since for some reason I associated them with “sensual”… But nope, it insisted on being “Bizarre” X”D


Bonus: Sometimes drips of nail polish sinks to the bottom..


Finally! For nature, “Sakura Ichirin” is where the petals came from >w< I kept them since… April… for some reason… they were actually meant to be edible but I didn’t realize until I kept them…


The petals are reallyyy thin, so perfect for fragile! I experimented…


And part of the arrangement process..

I’ll cite Andy Goldsworthy as an influence… not just for this assignment, it’s just that his use of natural elements tends to inspire me in general. It always helps to notice the beauty in nature…

There are more natural objects that I wanted to incorporate into my lines but didn’t get around to.

IMAG3642_1Pattern in Obsidian when light pass through it.

IMAG3810 Tree roots…