The actual Journal + Final

IMAG4543Picture of the final!! Done!! >w<

IMAG4259IMAG4438And these are some photos from when I was still arranging them. That part took longer than I expected O.O

IMAG4561 IMAG4563And the Journal! I bound it when I thought we still needed to submit the hardcopy, but haven’t gotten around to wrap it and add endpaper (the plan was to use some left over monoprints x3).. Well, the pages are a bit messy at the back because I actually bound the extra strips into the journal too ><

The featured image is actually the cover of the journal before I decided to add the “hardcover”.

IMAG4656IMAG4657IMAG4660IMAG4567  Most of the pages are in my separate posts before, so these are mainly just the consolidated Artists Reference pages.

I will briefly explain why I cite Ed Moses as an inspiration since he wasn’t included in any of my previous WIP Journal posts..

I didn’t take any direct technique references from him, but mainly what inspires me about him is the quote ” I don’t create drawings or paintings. I construct drawings and paintings”.

This speaks to me as both the desire for his artworks to more than 2D (*cough* I mean less flat, with the inclusion of other materials xD) And the control he has over his artworks. To me it suggest that he still has an ideal of how the artwork will turn out, despite the techniques being spontaneous.

Complete!!! ^^

Journal: Nature and Flow

IMAG4017IMAG4022IMAG4127 I’m not sure why I ended up using watercolor.. I mean, if I have more time I’m sure I’ll try other paints too… (I really wanted to try impasto!)

For “exhausted”, I actually like what I (accidentally) did in my journal (center picture, right) the most, but it was an accident and I was unable to duplicate the effects again despite multiple attempts! D:

I guess the drips of paint are somewhat inspired by Jackson Pollock, although admittedly it doesn’t contain the “energy” in his works.

To be honest I don’t like Pollock’s work a lot.. but from this assignment I’m starting to see why he is so famous…inspiring? Perhaps it seems intuitive now that splashes of paint in itself could convey emotions, but I’m guessing it wasn’t common until he came along and did what he did…


More fluid mediums: Nail polish!

Semi inspired by paper marbling technique, but also I have seen people do marbling with nail polish online…

But more surprises, my nail polish doesn’t work like that! x”D The effects are not bad though.

I tried adding feathers since for some reason I associated them with “sensual”… But nope, it insisted on being “Bizarre” X”D


Bonus: Sometimes drips of nail polish sinks to the bottom..


Finally! For nature, “Sakura Ichirin” is where the petals came from >w< I kept them since… April… for some reason… they were actually meant to be edible but I didn’t realize until I kept them…


The petals are reallyyy thin, so perfect for fragile! I experimented…


And part of the arrangement process..

I’ll cite Andy Goldsworthy as an influence… not just for this assignment, it’s just that his use of natural elements tends to inspire me in general. It always helps to notice the beauty in nature…

There are more natural objects that I wanted to incorporate into my lines but didn’t get around to.

IMAG3642_1Pattern in Obsidian when light pass through it.

IMAG3810 Tree roots…

Journal: Monoprint

IMAG3791 IMAG3790 IMAG3789 IMAG3811 IMAG3814 IMAG3836(This one, with the feather and clouds (cotton) was meant to be an angel.)

I think, what surprised me most about monoprints was that, I ended up using more of the monoprints I initially considered “failed”. Perhaps because they are more abstract.. and surprising.

IMAG4041Psychotic. This one was my first experiment with rearranging the monoprints and I liked it so much I kept it. It’s basically the cut up monoprint of my palm, each small piece rotated 45 degrees from the previous, and mixed with the abstract whiter pieces… which have some interesting patterns… (There seem to be a skull in the final..)

IMAG3812 IMAG4039This one was… rubbish. Or so I thought. Prof spotted something like a person in it. So I worked upon that and joint it with more shadows and figures. And turned out to really like it. Unfortunately (?) I considered it for both “Sensual” and “Indecisive” but in terms of fitting the emotions, I had better options.

IMAG4043IMAG3837IMAG3839IMAG3838Attempts for “Lyrical” because they look like piano keys. Unfortunately didn’t work out as the framing cuts out that effect…

IMAG3855IMAG3854IMAG3857IMAG3858IMAG3861IMAG3859IMAG3862IMAG3863IMAG3864IMAG3869IMAG3866IMAG3865        Process for “Systematic”. I didn’t intend for it to be systematic… actually feathers are more for sensual… but it just… happened. ^^”

IMAG4040One was originally for “Distracted”, while one ended up being “Lyrical”.. It might not be obvious here, but one of the strips (top) seem to have a trail of “white spots” like light running through it. I can’t say I was too happy with the lyrical, but a lot of surprising things seem to happen in the process of working on this assignment and it stuck.. ^^”

IMAG4042 IMAG4168Some other random experiments after I realize I could paint on the monoprints with water.


Journal: Destruction and Reconstruction

IMAG4037Acts of aggression. The idea was that cuts in paper tend to absorb water/paint. I tried on both water color and some sort of cardboard. Initially I expect the cardboard to turn out better because it’s surface doesn’t absorb as much water and thus the cuts might be more obvious. However, it turns out that the cuts on the watercolor paper has more.. personality.

IMAG4030Playing with fire! >w< This was so fun because I always liked burning stuff and playing with candles xD. I started out being quite bad at Fumage and set a lot of my experiments on fire.

It did remind me of the artist we were researching, Cai Guo Qiang though. In particular, his quote “I wanted to investigate both the destructive and the constructive nature of gunpowder, and to look at how destruction can create something as well.”

It inspired me to use the destructive energy of fire and the resulted burn marks as a part of my artwork. In particular, I use it for “Anxious” because to me, anxiety is always a very warm, burning, and terribly destructive feeling. It’s most reminiscent of the heat of anxiety when I could still smell the scent of burnt paper on the strip…

IMAG4118I didn’t give up on fumage, although it took a while before I tried it again. This time finally with more success! Again, it is for an emotion I associate with heat, “Embarrassed”, yet it is not as destructive and… “sharp”? “distinct”? As anxiety.

IMAG4119At the same time it’s a feeling that slowly “creeps up”, thus the burnt edges.

Oh it’s also interesting that some of the burning/fumage techniques affects both side of the paper, so sometimes the side I end up liking is not the side I worked on intentionally.

The wax dripped on paper is used for “Sloven”. Some of the melted wax created… oil/wax marks on the back? I still wonder if thats a better effect.. though it’s not as distinct…


Finally, words. These are inspired by the artist Henri Michaux. 

I started with random scribbles. They didn’t create my intended effect, I moved on to disassemble the strokes of the languages I’m familiar with and resemble them together. In strips in the photo is reconstructed from English, and attempting to create something lyrical… which I was unsatisfied with.

The strip included in the final piece consist of both Chinese and Japanese Hiragana strokes, and it pleases me when I have several people asking me what language is it when it’s basically nonsense xD. “Distracted” words bumping together ^^


IMAG3671 My lighter ran out of lighter fluid, so these are the matches I used for burning and fumage.


Wax sealed bottled pieces of rose petals. I saw something similar on tumblr so I did this while playing with wax for the strips. It seats on a complete rose petal.

These were really fun >w<

Journal: String theory!

“String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. (From wikipedia)”

Physics aside xD. I shall start with some artworks that might have influenced my work.

IMG_5577 This is a piece I saw at an exhibition at Lasalle. When thinking about using threads as a medium, this kind of artwork is the first that came to mind.

Ana-Teresa-Barboza Chiharu-Shiota

And these are artworks by Ana Theresa Baboza and Chiharu Shiota respectively. While they might not have directly inspired me for this assignment, having seen their amazing works online certainly left a deep impression on what we could create with threads.

1 This is the first page of my journal, I started approaching it as “systematic”, merely playing around with the shades of black, white and grey.

To me, it did not yield very unique results. However, as the paper was uneven, while I was doing it I noticed the shadow the thread cast upon the paper. It started me thinking about using the shadows as part of my work.

Also I realize as my experimentation is done small, the thread will look much thinner on the actual artwork. I needed to different threads to experiment on bigger pieces so I put the exploration on hold until last week.

IMAG3815IMAG3817 This are the first one I attempted after getting new thread. I made both edges thicker with folded paper and tape.

I’m glad I tested this out because only after did I realize the top edge will block the light and make the shadows less distinct than I would like.

By this point my idea for the thread has become using the shadows (which change with the lighting) to portray “Ambiguous.”IMAG3818IMAG3819 Anyways so I moved on to try thinner edges on one side of the paper. It was better.

IMAG3821IMAG3822IMAG3820 While I was prettyyy sure I was just going to be using white thread only (Such that the shadow would stand out more), I made an attempt with the black threads anyways. In a way I was (and still am.. a little) insecure about the thread blending into the paper completely, but I decided it’s okay.

IMAG4028 IMAG4027Moving on!


I used to do cross stitch before, and I suddenly decided to try weaving in the studio… I thought that if I should use thread as an option for “systematic”, weaving would be a more interesting idea.

While it turned out quite nicely, it was immensely tedious and right now I’m not so sure about including something like this for my final piece due to time constrains… perhaps an incomplete weave as “Indecision” instead?


This is what I initially did for the final “Ambiguous”… The photo is taken at the corridor in Adm, as I figured that’s where the final work will be displayed and I wanted to make sure the shadows will work there, as well.


And I decided it wasn’t “ambiguous” nor interesting enough, so I added some knots for good measure.

This would have been my final had Prof Joy not point out that the reflective scotch tape at the bottom affect the overall composition. Welllll to be honest I suspected that might happen but I was hoping it wouldn’t, because I didn’t have a better idea at that point in time. She suggested I try using the glue gun to make the strip at the edge though ^^

It was a good idea, and I’m glad she set me thinking, because I felt like I was struck by a stroke of brilliance when I remembered I had spare disposable chopsticks in my hall! It will match the mood of the strip much better if I wrapped them with thread and use that as the edge. The end result is the strip in the middle of the featured image, and will likely be a part of the assignment in the end.

IMAG4023 Lastly, this happened while I was working on the strips. I failed to ever untangle it…

IMAG4024IMAG4026 So I decided why can’t I use it as a strip as well? I think it’s interesting that this allow me to explore the other quality of the thread, instead of pulling it taunt and neat. Plus it works perfectly for “turbulent” which I had lacked until then. In this way, some mess can be god-sent. xD