Project 02: Impossibilities of Being

“The Spirit Twin” is a short story, about a girl who finds a doppleganger – someone who looks exactly like her. But the differences between the girl and the doppleganger is that the latter is faceless and floats on air. The girl befriends her overtime. However, as we look into the doppleganger’s world, she happens to yearn her own real life identity, a real body, and to simply live like the girl she met. She plans to trick the real girl into suicide, so she can take over the girl’s body.

Project 3: Ego

  1) Me + Train = Invasive

It’s pretty relatable to many of us. The lack of personal space and people making body contact with you is just gross.

2) Me + At a party = Dying

I’m not a party person….

3) Me + at dance practice = peer pressured to talk native

I speak English a lot, even among Malays. And back then that resulted me in Malay peers and even instructors telling me off for not speaking native. From the apparent “slang” I talked, the way I laughed, the words I used and basically the lack of malay-ness that didn’t come out of my mouth – resorted to me being judged. My reaction to this is feeling “force-fed” and pressured to fit in.

Moral of the story: i still love talking English

4) Me + at a wedding = Thinking

The unpredictable thing that comes with this. Sometimes you wonder if you lose a sense of self, once you make the leap. Do you still become a person of your own mind, or do become someone’s wife? And no this isn’t about arranged marriage or any of that crap. Just passing thoughts…..

(still pro-marriage btw)


As you noticed, the Renaissance them is portrayed throughout my works. Mostly Bosch settings are used and this famous Arnolfini painting is used as my setting as well! Credits to these artists because I used their works….

Me + after presenting my works = DONE FOR THE SEMESTER yay!! 🙂

Project 3: Ego (Part 2)

After consulting Ms Ina on my samples: here are potential works I might use for finals.

I’m bad at being organized. I’m not so simple-minded. So sometimes when I’m on PS I’ll be exploring new patterns and play around with overlays and editing, that the outcome is so different from what I idealized. But towards the end you get a final gist of my themes in this Project Ego. And the ways to describe myself.

Me + Dance team = Struggle to fit in

Samples of “struggle to fit in”

I made use of Bosch paintings as backdrop. I played around with the overlays on my portraits and oversized it, to portray that feeling i wanted. I thought the black face was really cool.


4-struggle-to-fit-in-4_easy-resize-com 4-struggle-to-fit-in-2_easy-resize-com 4-struggle-to-fit-in_easy-resize-com




The ones below people are some patterns I found quite disturbing. They’re similar to Bosch’s theme, whose paintings not only about naked people running around. but some surrealistic elements and disturbing human features in there.

This showed another side of my ego

Me + At dance practice= talking unnecessarily with girls, chit chatting, trying to fit in





Another side of my ego = shyness in social events like weddings and stuff like that. I thought of using batik patterns and hiding myself at some parts, as if trying to blend into the pattern.



This idea was not my best. But batiks are still pretty still. Instead, I was advised to use this cracked glass (below) to show a shyness. I made use of this eventually.