Planar Construction: 3D Sketch Models + 2D Analysis

Voids are white in colour. Correction tape is used to show void.



Named this after I realized this looked like a snake coming out of this shell. A snake doesn’t like shelter. It stays in the wild, and it looks like it’s trying to reach out of its shell, to escape into the wild.


D: below the arch

SD: shares the same void as D, but other 3rd is its own void

SO: shares a bit with D, but has its own void at upper 1/3


Improvements in voids:

More of SD to extend out of D. So that they don’t share same void.

1/3 Rule: SD starts from bottom 1/3 and stretches sideward by 1/3. Extends to the right.

As right side has a lot going on, the left needs the same as well. Without adding symmetry, SO’s thinner and longer shape is pierced out from D. it is pierced out from 2/3 of D and towards the left, which is empty. It spirals out to give its distinctive look from others.

Used: Wedging, piercing





The blue and red seems to look like 2 big guys fighting for that one girl (in yellow). As alpha and “dominant” the red may be, the nice skinny nerdy boy in blue takes home the prize. From the side view, you see the blue standing on top of the defeated guy in red. Then he hugs the beautiful girl in yellow. Moral of the story: Nice guys finish last!

D curves at every 1/3 of base.

Improvements in 1/3 rule:

SD’s length is too long. Trimming it shorter and piercing more of its portion out of D would be better. Also, it would have its own void as well.

Improvements in Voids:

SD and SO might share the same void. SD can develop its own void by making SO shorter. This allows SD more void to take up on its own.

1/3 Rule: SD is wedged at D’s 1/3.

SD could be better improved by intersecting at SO’s upper third.

SD to be trimmed to 2/3 as it looks similar to SO and SD.

Additional: Wedging, piercing





All three elements follow the same oval shape. With similar intersections, it looks like a ribbon tied up. Since there’s no application, I named it the no ribbon project.

Voids to be improved:

SO shares same void as SD, so by putting it up like a spiral pointing upwards, this creates void on its own.

1/3 rule to work on:

Lengthwise, D should be longest, hence SD needs to be shorter ( by folding it further to appear shorter than D).

Height wise, the SO needs to extend it’s spiral upwards, to give height. Also, this create 1/3 rule where D is below 1/3 and SO is upper third.

Wave-like cuts at bottom of D. This removes flat surface of D, giving viewers other elements to “peek through” with holes at bottom.


The end.




Final Application: “Chocorn Froyo” + “Ham-Ground”


Final model. (Update as of 16/9, the SD is thinner due to similarity in terms of volume to SO.
Final model. (Update as of 16/9, the SD is thinner due to similarity in terms of volume to SO.

Above application is Model 2. Below are my applications for Model 2.

First one is called “ChoCorn Froyo”. In short for Chocolate + Corn + Froyo, this hot-cold dessert is made up of a grilled corn-on-the-cob, and it is topped with froyo ( frozen yoghurt ). A wafer stick is planted at the side and a ferrero rocher is placed in between. I thought this hot-cold dessert would be good because it’s shape is different from any other typical food desserts which are normally flat. The SO that is the ferrero rocher, would give a chocolatey taste on top of the warm corn and cold yoghurt, thus adding a bit of chocolatey + crunchy taste!

“Chocorn Froyo” designed in Photoshop. After review with Ms Cheryl on 16/9, wafer stick should be smaller. This makes the rocher bigger and more prominent than the wafer stick.


Also, another application would be a playground specially for hamsters – “Ham-Ground” for short. ” Ham-Ground” is sketched out as seen below. Wood is used for both D and SO because it has rough texture and doesn’t get hot easily. That makes it hamster-friendly because they can easily climb up and down the “hill” with their small and fragile legs.

Next, a “bridge” and “food corner”, that is made up of a wooden SD and metal SO respectively. The slanted bridge would be for the hamster to get a good view of the top or maybe slide up to down for a cheap thrill. After a tiring workout of climbing up the “hill” and playing “slide”, they can take a break in the food corner, where it is a metallic sphere containing all their favourite foods. I think the metal adds a bit of contrast to wooden material, and it would be good in keeping their foods or themselves warm and some physical protection from annoying human fingers.

The ground of the cone, would be made up of soft rug/fabric. This would allow a hamsters a softer feel of their legs after a hard workout climbing around. It is also a good hideout to rest.





Curvilinear Volumes: 2D Sketches


Model 1 View A + View B



Overall, I chose Model 2 because I could visualize something good out of it. I thought of a hamster playground and some dessert to make out of Model 2. The dominant cone would be quite exquisite in terms of the way it would show food, when normally food is presented flat. On the other hand, the spherical shape reminds me of a hollow ball I used to buy for my hamster. Just like a hamster wheel, the ball contains the hamster and it gets to roll around the house whenever and wherever. So, that’s why I’d make Model 2 into something useful for hamster- like a playground of some sort. 🙂

D, SD and SO in honey cornflakes!

D- The yellow cornflakes. They’re covered in honey, sugar and butter all melted and mixed in a pan, where they get scooped into little cups, smelling sweet as honey!

SD- The little white cups that gives the cornflakes it’s shape. Also adds a bit of decoration with it’s white,  pleated cups.

SO- The rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate rice on top of it all! They add a bit of charm and colour to the yellow cornflakes. This SO makes a lot of difference to an otherwise dull honey cornflake.






They’re all in my tummy now.



Observing D,SD and SO


The family guitarD– The guitar body forms the dominant. The curves that bend outwards and inwards are there to help the guitar rest firmly on your lap.

SD– The guitar neck that points upwards is the subdominant. It stretches out of the mid portion of the guitar body. That makes it easy for one to grip the neck firmly and bring it around wherever you go.

SO– That would be the “headstock”. It’s the part where you see those 6 “switches” for the guitar strings, and you can twist and turn the switches as and when you like it.

Another SO could be the sound hole. It’s the circular hole in the body. What make it the SO is the fact that it gives contrast to the large surface surrounding it. Also, since it’s a hole, it works in giving the guitar sound an echo.




3D: Interesting Object I Found

The LoofahThe Loofah, stretchedThe Loofah, squeezed

The object is a loofah. It’s the thing that you use to scrub your body with body gel. It’s meant to spread the body gel all over your body so it keeps you clean from head to toe.

What was interesting to me was the texture and the lightweight feel of it. You can squeeze it as hard as you can, but it’ll bounce back to it own shape. The nets are all out in different layers, which is useful for it’s function. The function as in, it makes it easy for you to spread the soap all across your body and your arms and  your sexy curves and everything else 😉

Dominant– The layers of nets. They form the largest part of the loofah, and it’s the most visible.

Subdominant– not too sure. I think it’s the spaces between the layers of nets. The space which curves inwards, help to bring out the nets to its convex shape. That kind of helps the net to function properly, where this part helps to spread the gel product all over your body.

Subordinate– Either holes in the nets or the pale-ish yellow colour.