Curvilinear Volumes: 2D Sketches


Model 1 View A + View B



Overall, I chose Model 2 because I could visualize something good out of it. I thought of a hamster playground and some dessert to make out of Model 2. The dominant cone would be quite exquisite in terms of the way it would show food, when normally food is presented flat. On the other hand, the spherical shape reminds me of a hollow ball I used to buy for my hamster. Just like a hamster wheel, the ball contains the hamster and it gets to roll around the house whenever and wherever. So, that’s why I’d make Model 2 into something useful for hamster- like a playground of some sort. 🙂

Author: Najiha

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One thought on “Curvilinear Volumes: 2D Sketches”

  1. Yes I read your legend now. LOUD and CLEAR. Thank you.

    SO (sphere) for Model 2 looks oversized in comparison to SD (cylinder)  and somehow this carried over to your Final Model photo collage during presentation. Careful with those proportions.

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