Project 2: “Janice Wants A Raise”


Janice, a young expecting lady, is a long term employee in an office job. Her pregnancy has made her want to ask for a pay raise, knowing that she will need more income to support herself and her new baby. At the same time, Janice’s bosses, are in the midst of assessing her job performance and are disappointed with her overall work ‘duties’. Towards the end, we get to see where Janice goes from there. Did Janice end up getting what she want? Or were the bosses swayed by what her colleagues and she has described of her at work?

‘Janice’ played by Anna

‘Ms Betty’ played by Vania

‘Ms Carissa’ played by Audrelia

‘Janice’s Colleague’ played by Najiha


 Storyboards: Scenes 1 & 2

Scene 1: ‘Janice’, the self-entitled worker, who talks to herself in her room, to prepare herself to meet her bosses. She prepares herself to request for a well-deserved pay raise.

Location for Scene 1: A Room

At first, you get to see Janice talking to the camera. This is meant to give the impression that she’s talking directly to the audience. But she’s not. It’s meant to show Janice planning to talk to her own bosses. It gets revealed only towards the end.

Scene 2: ‘Ms Betty’ and ‘Ms Calissa’ are ‘Janice’s bosses. They are assessing Janice’s performances and discovers her employer has been performing poorly on the job.

Location for Scene 2: Bosses’ Office (Computer Lab)

The use of J & L

  • Ms Betty and Carrisa’s relationship is somewhat complementary.
  • Used J & L Cuts, J-Cut in parts @ 1:59 and @2:26, to show dominating role of Ms Betty, @2:22 to show dominating role Janice
  • Used L-cut towards the end, because it sums up overall scene of Janice talking to supposed ‘audience’, when actually, she’s trying to practice talking to her ‘bosses’ later. Audience only figures out towards the end.

Added some ‘sneaky background music’, got them from following links:

To create a sharp transition, between scenes, I used sound of ‘golf hit’. I thought it was suitable. I didn’t want to use it for every transition, because I think too much would be quite annoying. I just used it in some parts.


Finished product is here…

Hope to hear some feedback on this. It was a lot of fun editing, and putting the clips altogether, even if it was troublesome editing the clips because they were similar to each other.