inspirations for gears, update

And last one is one by Jennifer Townley.  In one of her works, she uses the gears and several other mechanical objects that are put together and interact with one another. In the video as you can see, her use of spring attached to one the letters give way to some movement to the gear, which I thought was interesting. At 0:36 second mark, there is a “torque” on the gear beside half-gear “D”, which causes “D” to move. Afterwhich, once it is off the torque, the letter bounces of the spring that is attached to it. These movements also can accompany the movement of gears without interrupting their basic motion. When applied to my case of using 180 servo motors to rotate gears, I could try adding a torque and some spring to bring out some effect from these gears.

In terms of the progress I’ve made, for my gears aren’t very significant or substantial, as it was before recess week. I’m building a larger prototype with more gears and servos on them, the only difference is the use of a larger size board for support.

I haven’t worked on experimentation just….yet. A bit reluctant about exploring what to work on with the current gear situation. However, these videos above are some potential ideas/inspirations to get me going.

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