Micro-Project 2 – Crowd-Sourced Art

In practice, I thought of asking social media circles about what are their own impressions about the community they identify themselves with, ethnic or nationality – wise.
3) Crowd sourced community – Malay Singaporean community/ Malaysian community
4) Concept would be to revive understanding of one’s own identity based on cultural upbringing especially in a period where many are identifying themselves as more global than they are ethnical, applies in both the real and virtual world
– important to know how we we move from one identity – ethnic – to national – global and it makes us all aware that our way of normal is different to other
5) Open ended responses, with personalized touch – user can give own personal responses with anonomity.
6) The crowd can change their intentions by saying something that is more nationalistic/ cultural
7) Avoid yes/nos answers, may feature verbal/written format, otherwise freedom, can be serious/neutral/comical
8) No yes/no answers, spoken medium is English, less than 10 seconds


Amanda  and I made the poll – which is basically to gather responses from a group of people regarding what comes to mind when they think of a certain culture. We worked on both Singaporean and Swedish culture, but my initial idea was to focus on to one of Singaporean’s subculture, which is Malay Singaporean culture – but I thought since we are both come from different parts of  it would be good compromise to work on two nationalities at the same time. The responses initially had to come from non-locals – so we could learn what are first impressions of a culture from an outsider’s point of view.

Eventually, since our immediate social media circles were own respective locals, we decided to make the responses coming from both Singaporeans and Swedish.

This works takes place in Facebook and Instagram for me -links were sent to them through private messaging. The work did not ask for much social interaction apart for accessibility to the poll ( there was a limits, only 25 allowed)

For my part, I asked Singaporeans on their impressions on Swedish culture, and for Amanda’s part, she asked Swedish people on their impressions on Singaporean culture.

Personal responses/Feedback From Sent Links

I had to do the significantly the same surveys twice because it took me some time to learn how to use it from a presenter’s point of view. The responders could choose to remain anonymous throughout the survey. Their names and what they types could be tracked, actually.

The survey above was done by 25 respondants, who were Singaporean. Their names and what they said could be viewed by me. The reason to do this strictly for Singaporeans was to see if there is a common perception locals view of themselves.It would be different from non-locals’ perceptions point of view.

The most common ones were “kiasu”, “hawker centres” and “food”.

Overall, I think the responses were quite interesting. If I were to do it again, I think it would be more specific towards Singaporean subcultures – chinese,malay and indians or eurasians. It would also be intersting to see the common perceptions made of other groups of people or what they view of their own communities that locals identify themselves with . The only limitation is that number of responses which is at 25. However, we could do multiple rounds to make more room for more responses.