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edis rehto eht morf olleh

Hello my name is Fabian.

This is a page of visual brainstorming for the little hello exercise and the 3 outcomes are below:

Screenshot 2016-01-25 22.13.14Screenshot 2016-01-25 22.14.14







I will proceed to talk about 2 of them. This one is called “tip of the iceberg” which I used a visual metaphor of an iceberg for myself. So if you flip the card to the other side, you can see that the surface is not everything. So if you do get to know me more, then hello from the other side indeed.


Screenshot 2016-01-25 22.13.25 Screenshot 2016-01-25 22.13.29

And this one is my favorite out of the 3. A little quick sketch of the pen I use, with my artist signature. I feel that my drawing style and my signature are very singular aspects of my artistic expression and experiences insofar, certainly a great way to introduce myself to those whom I’ve yet to acquaint with.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 22.13.20


Hello my name is Fabian.

I like to draw with pilot G2 pen.

I do not know how to waltz or to salsa.

The G2 pen is the only pen I know how to dance with.

Creativity splutters from this handheld fountain of ink.

I am Fabian. Nice to meet you.

groovy monday


I am Fabian and here is my idea of dancing:


my mother always bade me have an umbrella ready when going out. It is good advice.

and this (below) is my favorite project from last semester, it is a group film project titled “En-Scene”. I’m not going to tell you what it is about, you have to watch it yourself, but it is definitely cooler than my umbrella dance.



would like to share another project I did with a couple of friends for the N.E.mation competition. Here:

have a good start to the week and the semester!!