HOD | artist’s key work selection

Based on my artist – Mayuko Kanazawa, I chose an artwork which was recently exhibited in Singapore Art Museum – Imaginarium 2018.

The artwork is Utsuroi Iroha, which invites their audience to participate by being part of the artwork of seasons and time.

The installation is a walkthrough, where there are different screens being shown in the enclosed area. It’s interactive in the manner that the audience stands at a mark spot and does a certain action. From that action, the visual display changes, alongside incorporating yourself inside the display. This installation brings to life the different seasons of Japan. Image recognition sensors weave the audience into the artwork, and by jumping or waving your arms, your character will morph into animals and even summon epic floral displays.

From this installation, we get to experience Japan and know more about it and it’s seasons, as in Singapore, it’s summer all year round and we do know having blooming flower seasons or cold weather like theirs. Furthermore, the installation is kind of personalised to each individual, as we all do a different action, triggering a different output of the work.

Through our interaction with the work, the artists hopes to highlight how our real-life actions impact nature and the environment.

Based on what was taught in class, this installation links to cybernetics, whereby there are specific acts of communication and transfer of information between the observer and the machine. Art is also behavioural in this instance, as from human interaction, it gives feedback to the machine and the artwork changes according to the feedback.

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