Micro Project III

Posted by Joel Lee on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Key Frames:

00:34 – ATM

00:58 – Stairs

1:55 – Paper


Setting: 2D Computer lab and 2D Studio


We tried to create the ‘illusion’ of an ATM, whereby I was withdrawing money and May Thu being the machine.

The second act was to try and pretend that we were in the same space, walking down and going up the same flight of stairs.

The Final act was us throwing an object across the screen, in hopes that it looks as though we were in the same space.


For the ATM act, we had to practice several times to try and get the ‘money’ to dispense seamlessly. We made sure to cover the camera when the money is being dispensed to try and ‘trick’ the audience in thinking that it was the same note.

The second act was more straightforward, but the message was easier to drive across. The main issue we faced was knowing when to come back onto the screen when the other leaves as the final position was the other party squatting.

The last act was the trickiest as it involves us throwing the paper at the correct time. I would say that the receiver of the paper had an additional problem as May Thu had to throw the paper, however, not make it obvious. The poor internet connection also made it difficult to realise when the other party was beginning to throw the paper.

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