2D Mark Making Tools

KiwiCopy of 20160813_203412The make up sponge

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Those triangular white little thing is a make up sponge. I cut of the surface area to create some depth and and create holes in them. I wanted the sponge to have a bit more texture. That’s my marking tool #1.

As for #2, I used the cross section of a kiwi. I love the symmetry of the kiwi and the lines that pull out of the centre of the kiwi. The seeds also add some textural element to it as well.

AS for #3, I used the skin of the kiwi. I thought the furry and rough surface could give some kind of line pattern on paper, even if it’s not that obvious.

As for #4, I used the straws I just cut the straws in small sizes, and put them together so it’s faster to make a mark out of it. The rigid lines are bold when they’re painted over, I thought that was interesting.

I also used  a white gauze. I thought the layers of nets give very fluid lines shapes when you make marks over it.

I used feathers from a feather duster as well. What was interesting is also the thin soft lines that are formed.

Rice was also used, by simply shading over it with paper on top. They look like termites scattered around. I like how they look scattered and all over the place.