Project 3: Interactive Storytelling – Proposal

Group members: Clemens, Peiwen, Sabrina, Syam


We looked into the causes of social anxiety and decided to concentrate on the more popular cause which is self-consciousness.

Asking our peers who had suffered from social anxiety before, we also come across some situations which they found highly stressful, such as:

  • Eating outside
  • Being in crowds
  • public speaking
  • entering a conversation
  • being alone among strangers

They also shared some of the thoughts that they perceive while having social anxiety

  • Feeling demotivated for fear of being rejected
  • Feeling of always being judged
  • distracting oneself with hobbies
  • prefers isolation to avoid interaction



Social Anxiety is more prevalent in youths today than before. It can manifest in any form, an insidious thought or self-doubt that triggers overthinking. Our project aims to depict the life of a single person affected by the afflictions of social anxiety and what it takes to overcome it.

This project will revolve around an individual, named Chen May B.  We will show what she experiences, what she sees and what goes on in her mind when she goes through her daily routine of school and in public. We have picked out a few places that we found out affects the most for people with social anxiety:

  • When entering a bus
  • When looking for a seat in the canteen/cafeteria
  • When walking through the crowded corridors

We will try to show what she looks at in her point of view and also try to make viewers hear what goes on in her mind when she goes through these situations.

Once we have the daily lives and established for the viewer to experience, we will then show how May B. will overcome her social anxiety. Everything from then onwards will slowly fade away to change for the better to show how May B. is getting better and on the road to overcoming it.


The way we plan to execute our project is by having 3 separate screens. These screens will be around the viewer – one in front, one on the left and one on the right. Each of these screens will be showing what happens in the daily life of May B.:

  • The left screen will show her experience when entering the bus
  • The middle screen will show what she experiences when on the looking for a seat in the canteen
  • The right screen will show her experience of walking through a crowded corridor

These screens will take turns to play in this order:

Bus (Left screen) → Canteen (Middle screen) → Corridor (Right screen)

And it will happen 3 times, showcasing 3 different days that she goes through and experience. As the timeline will occur at overlapping timings, there will come a point in time whereby the three screens will be playing together, thus creating a chaotic scene. experiences and will actually show the peak of discomfort.

The screens all go black and only the middle screen will show a scene. This scene will be a continuation of the last scene played and will show the moment of how May B. takes the first steps to overcome her social anxiety.

The extended scene will show a friend coming to keep her company and quail her anxiety.


間 MA’s Very Obscure City of Voids (Part 2 – Group Mood Box)

After looking at all the sketch models of the group members, we are then tasked to create a final mood box for our sound(s).

Sabrina’s mood box (Sound 1)

Rebecca’s mood box (Sound 2)

Syam’s mood box (Sound 2)

A recap of the sounds:

Sound 1

Sound 2

As a group, we have decided to combine both sounds into one mood box as we find that both sounds are contrasting against each other and it would be nice to show two contrasting sides in one mood box.


We plan to split the two sounds to represent 2 separate sections, to represent separate “cultures”. Sound 2 will be the surface, where it is peaceful while Sound 1 will be sort of underground, in contrast, and the opposite of Sound 2, where it is more chaotic.

Top section

Top section in the dark

The top section of the mood box represents Sound 2, a textured surface is used to represent the rough dominant sound, while sticks of the same height are used to represent the sub-dominant sounds. It is also placed in a circle to represent the repetition or loop of the sound. The silver rings of different height and size represent the 3 tones of subordinate sounds.

Bottom section

Bottom section in the dark

For the bottom section that represents Sound 1, a textured cone structure is used to represent the rough subdominant sound, while the gold spiral is used to represent the dominant alternating tones. The 2 spheres represent the 2 subordinate sounds.

Overall view of the 2 sections of the mood box

Overall view of the mood box in the dark

The 2 sections are somehow in opposites and in contrast to each other. The upper rings are silver while the lower spiral is gold. The main upper wooden structure is straight and uniform while the lower cone is irregular.