The City of Voids – Individual Moodbox

For the City of Voids, before we started doing up our final mood box and plug-in city, we were to work with the sounds we had created to build our own mood boxes! Here are the instrument we worked with!


Audacity Sound Snalysis

Frontal View


The Dominant -The yellow and white parts are the the resonating tone bars, and the white part is to capture the resonance and the ringing of the bars.

The sub-doninant -The pink parts, illustrating the woody sound of the claves.

The sub-ordinate – The blue triangles illustrates the finger cymbals.

The clear ringing sound of the resonating tone bars is depicted by the swirling of the metal wires across the model (yellow and white). The blocky beats of the claves are represented by the pieces of wood piece that are placed at the top of the structure (pink). The high pitch sound of the finger cymbals is shown through the tiny triangles on the walls of the structure(blue).


After listening to the audio and the audio sounded magical, melancholic, zen, as if we are stepping into a new dimension, hence I added the element of secrecy and surprise by using the opening segment to my mood box.

The finger cymbals after every bar is a sub-ordinate, yet it has a wide presence in the audio, its high pitch and loud. It brought characteristic to the audio itself. Also, triangles are used to depict its high pitch, since a triangle has 3 sharp edges. Hence, to not shadow the SO, I added a tiny interactive touch to the finger cymbals.