Edited Time & Clock Time; Coffee Fix & Koala Creation

Edited Time; Coffee fix

By the end of the class, we were to create a 30 seconds video that shows the idea of clock time as taught in class.

Clock Time or Measured Time is time quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events of interval

I was very inspired by Conan Gray’s introduction (0.00s to 0.11s) to his videos so I tried to play with it. Here is Conan’s Video

Here’s my brainstorm;


Yes, initially I wanted to use a cup noodle, but due to time constraints, I was unable to use it and hence I changed it to a coffee instead!

Here is my video, coffee fix!

Clock Time; Koala Creation

I enjoy going to Useless Website in my own time and I stumbled upon Koalas to the max website which is rather interesting. Applying the concept of clock time, I videoed myself creating a koala. Try it too!!!

Password: daph0016

Hope you like them!