The History of Design; When it all started?

Victor Margolin, an emeritus professor of design history at the University of Illinois, Chicago, defined design into two large umbrella, design, created to meet the needs of the mass and Design, a term related to production in mass and used for communication to a large audience. How he coined the term “design” today “is continuous with the basic human need to organize the material environment for survival purposes“. Realizing the definition/s of “design” aforementioned is important to further dwell into the history of design itself. As such, it is also important to understand the meaning behind the work to deduce whether they are designs or art to be interpreted.

Design began in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, when there was a massive shift in production. As supply went up to meet the demand of the consumerist environment, advertising created an increase in the demand for design. Therefore, the first peak in the use of design as a norm in the society, in my opinion, properly started during the first wave of Industrial Revolution.

One of the first few Palmer Advertisement


The Evolution of Design

Meaning of Design

The Implication of Advertising During the Industrial Revolution