So just to recap the presentation that my team (Bao, Winzaw and me) made during class. We are very much inspired by this drawing by John Kenn. About the multitude of objects and how they are laid out for the viewer to see and just allow their eyes to travel around and form associations and connections to the objects. Which made us think about our story which is about a thief who has a this huge collection of stolen items.

My role in this project will be to handle more of the programming/coding aspects. So currently I am looking at various options (1) a webflow design where the user scrolls down to reveal various levels and more objects (2) a 2D point and click interaction in maybe Processing Java or Javascript so we put something simmilar to the John Kenn drawing but with additional display of story information (3) Unity game engine, using C# to power the interaction (but I will need to go for a crash course!)

We will continue to discuss and frame the plot of the story. Hopefully by next week we might figure out which platform we might use.