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The assignment requirement for this one was to use MAX  to blend a face onto my own. So I chose Donnie Yen to morph into.

However, as mentioned in the video, I could not find a way to make the image still look clear even in the fullscreen. Because in CV jit there is a need to downsize the aspect ratio for detection. Hence this time I presented it as final effect and process together in the same video.


  • Coordinate info from cvjit.faces matrix used to calculate the position of face with respect to the screen
  • cvjit.faces coordinate info is then used to determine where to put Donnie Yen’s face so that it match mine.
  • MSP can detect if sounds are made  through the Microphone.


  • Donnie Yen’s face to follow my face.
  • Donnie Yen’s face will fade in upon a sound like I just tapping my computer desk and he will also fade out on second tap.

My patch is below where I have displayed clearly the steps involved. (1) CV jit faces (2) Donnie Yen’s face import and blur (3) Alpha blending

I learnt quite a lot from this assignment as it is really a next level of real time image manipulation. Hope to be able to advance further with the final assignment.