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There are so many different styles of posters that designers can do.
For me, I do not have a specific style of designing, and will always tryout different layouts and styles.

These are the few that caught my eye recently.

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I’m going to be talking more about ‘Nocturnal Wonderland’ poster.

The poster is communicating that there seems to be an event/show on interesting and weird creatures whom seem to only appear at night, hence the name nocturnal.

The emotion that the design elicit is a cute, weird, playful emotion.

The thing that makes this poster so captivating is their usage of colours. The poster uses very bright colours, especially with the yellow border. Furthermore, the variety of colours used complements each other. The characters also stand out due to the colours used, and them being bigger which separates the characters from the other elements.

The poster generates interest by the usage of illustrations. To facilitate readability and legibility, the designer used yellow for text, and making sure that the colours behind isn’t yellow, so that it will not be as confusing for readers. Furthermore, a black border of the words was also used to define the words.

I really like how this approach was done, as the illustrations ties in really well with the theme and words. For execution wise, I think there are more areas for improvements. The words aren’t very big, thus doesn’t pop out as much. For the background, there are too many lines and it might seem too messy. Viewers might also lose focus from that.

it’s a really cool poster and I’m inspired by it!!!

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