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Doing this for school assignment agnnnn

Posted by Siewhua Tan on Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I imagine myself to be someone who constantly takes in and collects stories as well as create them. In the video, I’m reading where I’m get more inspiration (aside from what happens in my everyday life which is also a big source of inspiration). From these, I used it to build my own craft. Stories can evoke memories and also emotions. Stories can even sometimes have the ability to transport you to seemingly another world or dimension, somewhat fantasy-like. Hence, I hope to achieve all of that.

PS. I have no idea why the video quality is so bad(same prob when posting the first live video) because it was totally clear when recording ._.

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  1. I feel as though you are trying to blur the boundaries between yourself and the virtual space, creating what we refer to as the third space. Yes, it can truly be a fantastical world! It’s true that Facebook Live is not the best quality, but I think your video came out just fine.

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