Ego – Process & Final

After a few consultations, my ideas were confirmed down. I was going for the paper cut medium for all my panels. I  chose one complementary palette for all my panels as well to tie them all together as one category. 

It’s kind of tricky for paper cut and layering, as I would have to plan  ahead. I drafted out all my designs out on illustrator first in order to know which layer comes first and which comes after.

Rough sketches of some of my elements

I sorted out all my elements and lay them flat on the artboards. The only cons for paper cutting is that there is no room for error. Once you cut it wrongly means you’ll have to reprint again. Unlike doing digitally when you can undo as and when.


Final –

Basically me as a snail, slow and always procrastinating. Deadlines and submissions all piled up on the calendar, hence being a snail transformed into a fast moving shell rushing for all the deadlines and submission.

Basically me as a bicycle wheel, everything’s smooth sailing. Whenever at interviews or presentations, I would get super nervous, butterflies in my stomach. I’ll see the interviewers as sharp nails and puncturing my tyre at the end.

Basically me as a pufferfish,  exhausted on my couch. Whenever I get into a super crowded place/situation I will get tensed up, suffocating hence puffed up around the crowd.

Basically me as a pig, loves foods. Buffets are like heaven, anything but mushrooms. Hence if I get to a mushroom buffet, I would slimmed down drastically.


Difficulties –

Tiny details are super tedious to manually cut it down, it may also tend to break easily. Positioning the each layers down right also takes up a lot time as it may get it right the first time.

Takeaways –

I have learnt to always organise my artboards as and when in order not to have any missing elements when handling with intricate details. Correct colour combination also plays a very important role, once you get the colours wrong, the design will not stand out.