Pandora Revisited

For this assignment, we were to create different modules based on the given 3 keywords. The keywords that I have gotten — Lift, Shift and Reflect.

Module 1

Module 2


In the end I went with Module 2, it is easily stackable compared to Module 1. For the mould, I tried both of the methods, Latex and Silicon. The silicon method did not work very well, the mould only managed to capture one side of my module. Hence resorted to the latex method…… 10 hours of horror.

The results were better than I expected compared to the silicon mould. The replicas that came out from the latex mould were as good as the original!

Silicon Casting

Initially I wanted to stack 3 of my modules together creating this spinal cord-like structure. Due to the multiple openings/holes of the modules, the silicon may slipped into the multiple openings and taking the modules out of the cast may be a big problem.

So I went with this structure instead. The modules interlocked with each other which creates an infinity sign.

So I placed 4 of the replicas together for the cast.

Final ice tray