Ego – Research

For this assignment, we will have to create 12 different compositions where it represent ourselves in different situations. We will also have to apply colour theory to the compositions. 

Me + Situation = Outcome

We have to come up with a representative of ourselves instead of using a human form. 

Me Situation Outcome
Snail (Slow, Procrastinating) Deadlines, submissions Rushing for deadlines, submissions
Bicycle wheel (Smooth Sailing) Interviews, presentations Punctured (Nervous)
Pufferfish (Exhausted) Crowded places Suffocated
Pig (Enjoys food) Mushroom buffet Slimmed down


Artist reference –

Wellington Summer City by Eiko Ojala

I really like how the artist uses complementary colour to bring contrast to the two different elements. I also like how he plays with shadows and depth to show the dynamics in the paper cuttings. 

Animal kings by Vaclav Bicha

The animal paper cut is super clean and seamless. The clever usage of layerings to create the depth on a flat surface. The expressions on the animal looks very peaceful as well.