Dialogue in the dark

I have always thought that this was the same as the dining in the dark experience but didn’t expected it was more of a walk through. Initially I was kind of scared where I constantly thinking that I might trip over someone or hit someone with the stick. Therefore, I was laughing non-stop to make my presence known. After a few minutes in the dark, I kind of felt that I was being trapped and a little suffocating. But after sometime within the total blackness, The other senses rather than sight became more sensitive than ever. Especially the sense of touch and hearing. 

I kept relying on the walls or the person in front of me. Or whenever I couldn’t feel the person’s shoulder in front of me, I felt super lost and helpless all of a sudden. This is where I truly felt the importance of sense of sight. Near to the end of the tour, I then realised that the visually impaired have to go through the specific route times and times again to have it memorised in their head. 

This experience let me gained insight that we do not take any of our senses for granted where others may be as privileged as us. Also the understanding of the power of imagination+sense of touch, smell, hearing, where in this case the imagination takes control over sight. Everything we feel and smell would create an image in our heads.

The ideal of role-playing in design research studies is important whereby one may “step in one’s shoes” and whereby it can make us think much further and not just the surface for our designs. And also to strengthen our observations of the world.

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