F3D Week 1: 2D Analysis


This amulet was the first thing that came into my mind when was told to bring an object which is 3D-interesting to me.

The organic/unique shape of this amulet interests me a lot, whereas the more common shapes for amulets would be either in ovals or squares. From the front view it may seem flat but in fact there are protruding shapes on the amulet itself. There is a contrast of colours within the amulet where the middle part has more hues of red which makes the buddha stands out even more.

The object is symmetrical from left to right. However the top half has a bigger proportion compared to the bottom half. Taking the black stone and the rice grain as a base unit to divide the amulet into 6 parts as shown.

The protruding shapes on the amulet are more prominent on the top view. Also from here you are able to see how symmetrical this amulet can get.

As well as the bottom view. The curves which can’t be seen on the top view could be seen clearly here. The overall colour palette for this amulet falls under earthy tones, which presented as a whole despite having the black stone and the grain within the amulet.