Glitch Singapore | Fans Do My Makeup

Idea – Through instagram’s live platform, we allow the audience’s to decide what’s the next step for our individual avatars where their hands aren’t theirs.

Setting  – Room in hall

Group members – Naomi, Nok Wan and Joey


Our final idea came about after we came across various famous youtube vloggers having their boyfriends/girlfriends to do their makeup. Also Not My Hands Challenge and make up tutorial games. Using of instagram live, we are able to interact with the audiences in real time.


Before coming to a conclusion for our final project, we had various ideas, tried and tested. Our very first proposed idea was;

Episode Drama Live!; This idea was to station one ‘drunkard’ actor and his ‘friend’ at clark quay. We chose clark quay as our location is because there are more relatable strangers located there. And we will have people down at ADM, watching facebook live, giving instructions on what the ‘drunkard’ actor has to do/interact with strangers there and completing challenges that are set by us.

The setbacks; we are worried that the casts would be called out by the police for public nuisance as Singaporeans are more conservative and not as daring to complete the challenges. Budget was highly sought of as well, as we are not as equipped as we want to be.

Collaborative Concert; This idea was to have 4 musician avatars with 4 different musical instruments; 5 glasses with different water levels, rubber chicken, right in front of them awaiting for a conductor (a player from our friends). The player is given a song and they have to instruct the 4 musicians and try compose and replicate the song with the given instruments. We did a trial run using facebook live and skype call. Skype call was for the conductor to give instructions to to the musicians and facebook live is for the conductor and audiences to view the musicians in real time.

The setbacks; facebook live had a 10-12s lag time where it brought much inconvenience to the both sides. Skype call had many interferences which kinda of interrupted the call multiple times. We couldn’t get enough conductors that are willing to give instructions and the replication of the song given was not in our favour. Also having the location at ADM it kind of defeats the purpose as this idea is not location specific. 

Fans Do My Makeup; our concept is that 3 different personas are preparing their make up for a date but none of us has the experience on the individual make up products let alone the steps of putting make up. We chose our location to be in a hall room whereas in a room, it is meant to be very personal and private kinda thing, where people don’t usually share to the public.  But as an acting vlogger, we chose to share it via instagram live. There is also a time limit where the ‘uber ride’ will arrive for us and that is where we end each session.

Our project involves DIWO  where the audiences had the control of what we have to put the make up on by contributing on the live chat, giving us instructions or mainly suggestions. The second layer or DIWO is that instead of using the main persona’s hands, we planted in another person’s hands. Nok wan was the our first kick start and the audiences weren’t as hyped up yet so the sugguestions they gave was rather simple and towards the safe side. Here comes the glitch whereby the the main persona had no control of their own ‘hands’.

The person at the back is not able to see at the face and can only rely on their hearing and what the main persona is saying/ giving instructions. Therefore the end result is unpredictable and definitely not beautiful. As till Naomi‘s turn, the audiences are much more warmed up and they started giving suggestions like; “Slap her face!”, “Draw gentials on her face!”. So naturally for the hands, it is just grabbing any possible make up product and start drawing. The imperfections is also a kind of glitch whereby in our head we have already perceived that how it will turn out normally as it is but to our horror it’s not. And due to the natural 3-4s lag in third space platforms, we are unable to keep up to the comments and ended up having “NOTICE ME SENPAI!!” in the chat. After all our ‘vlogs’, we did up a instapoll whereby allowing the audiences to choose who wore the make up better. And also a perfect wrap up for our performance.

I won the hearts of the audiences


Having ups and downs for this final project, we have learnt that nothing is perfect. Not everything would go the way we want it to be. We were to the point of giving up after we had the downfall for our 2nd idea. We didn’t know what else to proceed but only to remind one another not to give up. The end was satisfying, the responses for our final idea were overwhelming! We didn’t expect this would come into a perfect full stop for our experimental interaction. Therefore we are here to embrace the imperfection perfections. We had a very good laugh too. :’)