Micro-Project 7: Lucid

“…I’ve kind of realized that what I was trying to do was create dream imagery, create a lucid dream state while you’re watching the film,” – James Cameron

A gateway to inner self.

The thoughts we make before going to bed, the deep thoughts that we don’t normally make during the day. It’s only when we are in our very own intimate space, we blanked out from the real world. The setting is in my own bedroom, as messy as it is, it creates a form of intimacy.

People get attracted to lucid dreaming because they want to be able to do things they could never do in waking reality, for example, taste fire or fly to the sun.

So do we really sleep? The ghostly effect is to emphasize on the subconscious mind within us.

Exquisite Glitch

For this micro-project, we didn’t have any rules or boundaries set from the start therefore we went crazy on the edits. Similarly to our previous D.I.W.O micro-projects, we didn’t have much control of the outcome. I was quite surprised for the 2nd edit, whereby there are black and white swans. I was somehow expecting something normal. Different people would have different way/style of editing. The essence of the original image can still be seen in the final glitch. This is the beauty of a collaborative artwork.


Micro Project_3: The ‘Same’ Place

A collaborative project with Naomi. (Action starts at 0:52)

Posted by Yuen Jia Jun on Monday, 29 January 2018


After a long day of school, two friends decided to quench their thirst by refilling their bottles at the ‘same’ water cooler for one another.


Naomi was at the water cooler right outside the 4D room.

I was at the water cooler near the lounge at level 1.


The objective was to make the whole interaction seems like the both of us are at the same location.


The end result was slightly better than we expected. But if we were to be given more time and a better network connection, the experience would run smoother.


  • At first we didn’t figure out how the Facebook live’s split screen would work.
  • Internet connection. In order to sync seamlessly, both of our internet connection has to be fast.
  • Naomi’s phone wasn’t compatible to the newest Facebook live function and she wasn’t able to join in the split screen mode.
  • The alignment of water cooler was difficult to coordinate on our own side especially since we only had one hand free. The other hand was holding the bottle, the other had to hold the phone.
  • We were disrupted in the middle of our live, where someone wanted to use the water cooler. Therefore we had to pause for awhile during our live.


  • It was a fun and interesting experience.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • We will be interested to explore more different interactive concepts using the Facebook live