Our group thought that playing a game of scrabble would’ve been a great activity for the table top radio. Imagine a world where songs on the radio are based on the first instance of words placed on a scrabble board.

So it goes like this:1. Open the board to activate the Music!

2. Pick out some letter to start tuning to a channel.

3. Form words with the letters by placing them on the board.

4.  A song will start playing based on the keyword you have produced on the board.

(perhaps: Yellow = Yellow by Coldplay; Diamond = Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd; Sunday = Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground )

5. The volume will be determined from the number of points

(i.e. Yellow = 10pts; Diamond = 11pts; Sunday = 10pts)


some thoughts:

It was quite interesting to imagine how this would all play out as a real device. I was more fascinated by visualizing how some players would play to win the game (by forming the best words to win by points) and how other players would play to get the songs they wanted to hear and how some others might even just be playing to annoy everyone else in the room with the sheer amplitude of the music selected at random.

Another intriguing part of our discussion was really how some lyrics, these key words, phrases, have defined music for each of us, depending of course on our personal tastes. But this thing really does happen when a single word can trigger a tune to play at the back of your head, as I have seemed to show with these 3 examples (which are of course my own immediate correlation to the three words laid out).