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I wanted the style of the information presentation to be more 70, 80s Chinese style magazine, and thus referenced this:

advertising set | Shanghai Memories Real Estate Campaign in China
Image taken from

I had some background information of Haw Par Villa, which I feel was necessary for the viewers to know, and relevant to my USP (Unique Selling Point).

There are also some images of Haw Par Villa in the past, showing viewers for how Haw Par Villa has come, and the revamps that has been done.

Images taken from Haw Par Villa, by me, was put in, but with the main focus being the Ten Courts of Hell. For the Ten Courts of Hell, I’ve added in descriptions of each court, the punishments and sins involved.

Secondary research was also put in, for viewers to gain an insight of others’ perception of the attraction, alongside quantitative and qualitative data.

As the USP I wanted to portray about Haw Par Villa was the Ten Courts of Hell,  I added in information from my online survey – regarding the surveyors’ personal perception of afterlife, and its relevance with Ten Courts of Hell’s.

Lastly, I added in quotes I’ve taken from the interviews and surveys, and placed it amongst the presentation pages.

Feedback from Classmates:

Feedback from Joy:

Good focus on 10 Courts of Hell
Survey tied in well with the focal point
Ideas to explore/further develop for zine:
1. Motifs pertaining to 10 courts
2. Effects of 10 courts (Visuals that can come out)
3. Scale (realistic & big) – talk about it being life-sized.

Personal Reflection:

Overall, I felt that the presentation did convey to my classmates my perception and journey at Haw Par Villa. However, within a constrained timeframe, I was unable to go into more depth and context, and had to quickly brush through it. Haw Par Villa is indeed a very interesting place to venture on, and it’s unlike most tourist attraction, which is a huge reason why I loveee this place! It was really spectacular walking around the park and looking at those huge statues, and with the aid of descriptions, it taught me more about Chinese Culture. But as I was working on a rather large tourist attraction, it was difficult for me to focus on one specific part as the USP (Unique Selling Point). Ultimately, I chose the Ten Courts of Hell as I personally had a connection with it, as I feel that the concept is very realistic, due to being a believer of the afterlife and retribution. Although, I got to admit, it was pretty scary entering that place, due to its dark, creepy environment – especially when I went in alone to take more photos and videos!! Nonetheless, I enjoyed working on this unique location in Singapore, and I can’t wait to create my zine with perception of what I feel about this place!

And that’s it for the Part I of Assignment II!

Till then,

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