VC Project 1: Information Gathering & Idea Generating

Observations/ About the programme:

  • Arts on the move, an initiative to provide some positive distraction to patients
  • A form of therapy to soothe patients’ minds and help them on their path to recovery
  • Creative works to keep the mind active
  • Volunteers engage patients at their bedside so they do not have to get out of their rest area
  • Transform the hospital environment from a traditionally sterile environment to a warm, welcoming place of healing
  • craft-based, monthly themes
  • Considerations: Volunteers will be wearing a Teal vest with red logo and a red landyard

Design Aims:

Develop a logo design for its “Arts on the move” programme for application on button badges worn by volunteers. A symbol that represents and captures the mission and spirit of the programme and volunteers

Be distinctive, visually striking, aid easy identification

Concept 1:

A sense of familiarity


Warmth, family, community, homely


The arts programme at the hospital emphasises strongly on using art to create a caring, relaxing and engaging environment for patients. Hence, the hospital provides a platform for local artists to showcase their works along with the works of some of the patients. A collaboration amongst local artists, staff and patients in the same space allows for the formation of a community spirit in an environment that is no longer sterile and unfamiliar.  A common reoccurring theme in their works were often local culture and arts. By introducing elements of the local arts and culture scene that is unique to the Singapore identity, it creates a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for the patients. For instance, maybe batik painting patterns, motifs and colours could be used and incorporated in a single unified logo.

Concept 2:

Humour, bright colours and a bit of playfulness


Fun, quirky, joyful, uplifting, positive


The designs will encapsulate the idea of art as a medium to evoke happiness and joy and that anyone can create art no matter how young or old they may be.  Designs will be fun and quirky with simple illustrations and bold colours for easy identification.

Concept 3:

One with nature


Heal, Serenity, untroubled, carefree, peaceful


Nature has always been known to evoke tranquility and peace, evident in the nature artworks of scenic landscapes, floral and fauna displayed around the hospital. The focal point of this concept would be art as a form of therapy to help in the recovery for patients.