Project 1A

Goal of work

To bring about awareness of certain social issues prevelent in our society today such as pollution, body imaging, drunk driving and cultural conformity.



This visual is to create awareness regarding the issue of water pollution and its effects on marine life.  I subtracted the interior of the fish and replaced it with garbage to show how pollution has affected marine life throughout the world. The consequences of our neglect has not only adverse impacts on marine life but ultimately our food sources as well.



This image depicts the issue of body imaging in our society. I warped the image of the barbie doll to represent the unrealistic standards we hold of beauty in our society. A barbie doll is an iconic representation of a child’s ideal standards of beauty that we were all subconsciously brainwashed into believing from a very young age.

Super Imposed


This image depicts the issue of drunk driving in our society. A prosthetic limb was used in place of a normal leg to show the consequences and danger of reckless driving and drinking.



This visual depicts the conformity of traditional Chinese customs and beliefs. For instance, the belief that wearing dark colours during lunar new year will bring about bad luck for the rest of the year. Hence, a rice bowl, a food staple for any Chinese family, is placed inside a cage. This represents how some may feel trapped or tied down by these customs and beliefs unable to have the freedom to express their own views and rights.


This project was really a new experience for me especially since it was my first attempt at using photoshop. Even though i struggled a little with the use of this medium to digitally manipulate these images, it allowed me to express my ideas and realise the power of visual imagery.

Moving forward, I hope to continue to grow and experiment with the different forms of medium and techniques that can be used to portray a message through visual imagery as well as improve my photoshop skills for future projects.