Project 3: EGO designs


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When I am alone, especially in bed at night, I have a tendency to overthink about life in general. Be it thinking about work, self-doubt, relationships or the future. Because I am alone, I have no need to put up a front for anyone else and I am bare/transparent to my own feelings and emotions.

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Hence this is depicted in the “ME” through the use of reflective paper and a transparency which I drew of myself to represent transparency and reflectiveness of self. Initially when i came up with this idea. I just wanted to stick the transparency on the reflective paper. But when i put the two together, I found that the reflectiveness of the paper creates a 3 dimensional feel if i elevate the transparency which creates the illusion of “2 MEs”. I thought this was a perfect representation of how torn i feel sometimes when I am alone. Torn between the feeling of being optimistic or pessimistic and self-love or self-doubt.

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The setting I chose were waves to represent “waves of emotions” or the tranquility I feel when I am alone much like the feeling when I am out at sea. The waves were presented with different colors to show the different emotions such as jealousy, sadness, love and happiness.


I played around with the different compositions, printed it on transparency and pasted it on white paper.

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The outcome of the two would be reflective. I actually struggled a bit with the composition of this but i decided to slice up an image of waves and paste it over reflective paper to show the feeling of being torn in the midst of self discovery.


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Often when I travel, I feel greatly inspired and a sense of enlightenment from discovering new places and meeting new places.


Paper collage inspiration: collage by Amy van Luijk
Francisca Pageo’s collages. These could be really interesting thing for me to look at, using my own imagery because I could use this idea to experiment with in making it minimalistic.

Inner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1, statue, memphis, design, graphic, collage, color, colour, memphismilano, Society6, memphisdesign, postmodern, 80s, 90s, classical, thoughts, socrates, grid, classical, geometric, geo, modern, rapsquatInner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1 Art Print    Inner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 2 Art Print, Inner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1, statue, memphis, design, graphic, collage, color, colour, memphismilano, memphisdesign, postmodern, 80s, 90s, classical, thoughts, socrates, grid, classical, geometric, geo, modern, rapsquat, society6:

ceren kilic illustration & collage <a class="pintag" href="/explore/inspiration/" title="#inspiration explore Pinterest">#inspiration</a>
I wanted to try something different and experimented with the use of paper collage. I cut up different patterns, shapes and color from magazines to create texture and shapes. I also made use of paint to further bring emphasis to the idea. Dull colours= uninspired, Bright colours= inspired. I also tried to make it more interesting by sticking cardboard behind to make it “pop-up”.

Final Pieces!

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For this, I chose to use analogous colours such as blue, green and purple to create a serene and comfortable design. I also chose to use cooler tones to portray the idea of how much more introverted or not as expressive I am especially when I am meeting new people.

Me ( with strangers )

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I posterized a picture of myself on photoshop and painted a self portrait using hues of purple, blue and green. I also added a touch of neon paint in my designs to further enhance the colours better. For the background I was inspired by the references below of using unmixed acrylic paint to create splashes of colour.


Yago Hortal

Colorful art

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For the setting I decided to portray a person or “stranger” in a completely different style in contrast to the “me” to show the disparity when meeting a stranger. I also chose to block out his eyes as when you’re meeting a stranger, you know nothing about him or his identity. After putting the pieces though, I felt like maybe the style choice for this design was too much of a contrast and the piece as a whole kind of lose its cohesiveness. But I guess this is a learning point for me to take note of in future projects.

Outcome ( Hesitant )Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

When meeting a stranger, I would feel hesitant to be myself hence, only a small part of my true self is revealed as seen above. I got inspired by this idea from Shura’s album cover which I thought was quite an interesting idea of incorporating b&w with a real photo.




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This is in contrast with my previous row but with friends. I chose to use warmer analogous colours such as red, orange and yellow as with friends, I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Me ( With Friends )Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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A larger part of my true self is revealed when I am with my friends.

FINAL DESIGNSProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset


This project has mostly been experimental for me with the use of colours, collage, paint and different mediums which are all a first for me. I think there is definitely a lot to learn from this project and Im excited to apply these techniques learned again in future projects with perhaps some digital painting involved. I have definitely learned and experimented a lot which i feared would cost the style to become inconsistent. I guess it is all part of the learning process and I am glad I took the risk to try things I never thought I would have attempted.

Final: My Line is Emo


Last Friday we had our final conclusion to our first 2D project: My Line is Emo. This project was definitely not an easy one especially when i encountered blocks in the creative process but through much perseverance and encouragement, I finally managed to pull through. I could say that I am pretty proud of the final outcome though some improvements could be made. For instance, some of the final pieces did not not reflect the idea behind the emotions as well as I thought.

Here are some shots taken from pages in my visual journal and I will briefly explain some of my favourite pieces.















Inspired by one of my reference artists, Hannah Quinlivan on her visit to Singapore, she spoke about how her visit to Singapore River inspired her. The historic sites and people in the area was what inspired her to create the sculpture entitled “Displacement”as well as paintings “Strands of Thought”, “Shades of Consciousness” and “After the Slipstream” . This made me think about my trip to the Himalayas and the emotions and experiences i felt during this trip.Hence I took a topographic map of the area and simplified it into contour lines in my work. I also chose to do it on black and white paper to symbolise the positive and negative emotions I felt throughout my trip.



Awkward pieces of paper fitted together.




whimsical flowy lines that resembles smoke.



A continuation of awkward, confident has lines that are fitted perfectly together .



Excitement has dynamic strokes full of energy




Overlying lines that resembles that of suffocation or the feeling of being tied down and restricted.