Project 1: The Gift

For the first project of the sem, we were required to make a gift for our client based on their interests, hobbies etc. Initially, I found it hard to come up with an idea for the project while incorporating all the interests of our client. My client, Li Ling was an avid collector of the Japanese gundam toy, loves drinking coffee and the outdoors, loves working with children and tries to keep up a healthy eating lifestyle by packing her own meals.  In the end, I was given 3 key topics to research on for my gift idea.

Gundam, Coffee, Healthy Eating

In the end by some miracle and help from our prof peter, I came up with the idea of a mini healthy eating toy set inspired by the Japanese toy, Gundam.


The trademark for any gundam toy was that it came in these little plastic frames with parts that you were suppose to assemble together using an instruction menu.


I decided to replace these plastic toy parts with miniature food which I made using clay.


Because I wasn’t able to find a plastic frame, I had to go out to buy a gundam toy set and removed the toy parts for the frame. img_8984

I hand painted each “food” using acrylic paint.


And here are the finished products!! I made a combination of fruits, vegetables, protein and wholemeal bread, all the food you need for a healthy balanced diet.


img_9007 img_9009 img_8990